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  > Something just occurred to me: Why do we use emblems as if they were action 
buttons in Dolphin? Would it be so bad if Dolphin used `list-add` and 
`list-remove` instead of `emblem-added` and `emblem-remove`?
  I had the same thought today. Perhaps we should have them look like 
checkboxes: when you hover over the icon, you see an empty checkbox, and when 
you click on it, it becomes a checked checkbox. This would be more semantically 
correct and also re-use people's existing familiarity with the concept of 
checkboxes. If we do this, I'd also like to see the checked checkbox remain 
visible when the icon is selected. This is how item selection is typically 
handled on mobile operating systems as well, and it's nice and clear.
  This would all require some additional changes in Dolphin and Folder view, of 

  R266 Breeze Icons


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