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  In D16498#350289 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > In D16498#350286 <>, @pino wrote:
  > > Ugh no manual parsing of PS files -- please use libspectre.
  > This is not Postscript parsing, but DSC parsing - read the specification to 
understand the difference!
  An EPS file //is// also a PostScript file, and indeed ghostscript opens it 
perfectly fine.
  Because of the above, libspectre perfectly handles EPS files, and the API 
already provides all the information that the current DscExtractor provides as 
  In D16498#350325 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > @pino - please remove your change request, if you have not read the code at 
all ...
  Please tone down your attitude to something more respectful, thanks.

  R286 KFileMetaData


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