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  In D16498#352314 <>, @bruns wrote:
  > Please answer why you consider running a full blown postscript interpreter 
in an uncontrolled environment (no sandboxing, runs without user interaction) 
is better than 20 code lines of trivial text parsing.
  Please be patient, I've got other things that currently take my time, and I 
need to properly get some data to satisfty your questions.
  In the meanwhile, two suggestions:
  - please try to see also other people's point of point, and not just yours; 
if I suggested something, then it's because, according to my 
knowledge/experience (which includes also maintaining okular in the past, FYI), 
I deem it the optimal way
  - when asking for people's opinion, again, try to use a more friendly 
attitude; that will certainly help getting my attention faster, rather than 
feeling attacked because I'm expressing //technical// doubts on this solution

  R286 KFileMetaData


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