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  The old kwalletd(4) from kde-runtime newer installed a service file, as far 
as I can see.
  The `org.kde.kwalletd.service` from kwalletd5 only serves one purpose - start 
the old kwalletd4 as a source for the migration agent. IMHO the much better 
approach would be to check for `QStandardPaths::findExecutable("kwalletd")`and 
execute it.
  The change to the service file is IMHO fine - kwalletd5 implements both 
versions (which are actually the same interface save the service name), but 
before doing this change the migration agent has to be changed.
  I also wouldn't mind when the migration agent where gone completely - KDE4 is 
EOL for 3 years, and if there are some persons late to the game they can still 
export the the old wallets manually and reimport.

  R311 KWallet


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