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  In D16520#350934 <>, @damjang wrote:
  > > but before doing this change the migration agent has to be changed.
  > Can you expand on this what needs to be changed? I'd be happy to do it if 
it's in my capability
  There are two possibilities here:
  1. Scrap the migration agent completely, only manual wallet migration.
  2. Use execute + listen for NameOwnerChanged DBUS event instead of using the 
current **hackish** D-BUS activation
  Re 1., I would like to get  some feedback first -  #FreeBSD 
<> is probably the last supported 
distribution still shipping KDE4, and only for 2 more months
  Pseudo-Code for 2:
    kwallet4 = QStandardPaths::findExecutable("kwalletd");
    if (kwallet4) {
        QProcess process(kwallet4);
        // wait for 
DBusConnectionInterface::serviceRegistered("org.kde.kwalletd") signal

  R311 KWallet


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