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  > > > Only one minor thing: please also check that the mimetype is in the 
list of supported mimetypes
  > >
  > >
  > > This can actually happen and is completely valid, due to mimetype 
  > >
  > > So the check would be `for supported in supportedMimetypes { if 
QMimeType(input->mimeType()).inherits(supported) return true; }; return false`. 
But this is already done from the calling code ...
  > Hmmm, I don't understand. When I change the code to return an empty 
stringlist of supported mimetypes for the xmlextractor, the tests still pass.
  >  This should imho be covered by the tests.
  This is one level above these tests. The surrounding code ensures the right 
extractor is called for each file, see 
  These are unit tests. The test itself is responsible to call an extractor 
with a suitable file and a matching mimetype.
  What you are calling for are system tests.

  R286 KFileMetaData


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