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  Sorry this took a while. I had to stop work on D16031 
<> until other changes got accepted and 
merged in, which happened today. Back to these icons...
  I hate to keep torturing you here, but even with the latest revision, the 
reboot icon's symbol color is still wrong, and the background circle colors 
seems to be inverted from what they should be:
  F6447534: Normal colors.jpeg <>
  The login screen sets `colorGroup: PlasmaCore.Theme.ComplementaryColorGroup` 
which has the effect of making everything use dark theme colors. If I remove 
that line, here's how it looks:
  F6447539: Inverted colors.jpeg <>
  So now somehow the background circles are changing their colors, but the 
foreground symbols are not!
  Do these icons happen to have embedded CSS stylesheets in them that could be 
invoking the automatic color changing  feature and making this happen? Maybe 
@ndavis has an idea?

  R242 Plasma Framework (Library)


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