We're evaluating KEA (version 1.2.0) as our DHCP platform moving forward.  In 
my testing with our Docsis/HFC network, I am not able to have a docsis modem 
respond to a DHCPOFFER message from KEA.  I can get the same modem to respond 
to a similarly formatted DHCPOFFER from ISC DHCP.

Looking at the tcpdump output from the server, the only difference that stands 
out is the Client-ID (option 61).  While, in both cases, the docsis modem does 
supply the Client-ID in the DHCPDISCOVER packet, the KEA server DOES include 
the Client-ID in the resulting DHCPOFFER where the ISC DHCP server DOES NOT 
include the Client-ID in it's DHCPOFFER.

(Interesting note: RFC 2131 (Draft Standard) states that the server "MUST NOT" 
include the Client-ID in the DHCPOFFER.  At the same time, RFC 6842 (Proposed 
Standard) indicates the server MUST include the Client-ID IF the client 
provided it in the DHCPDISCOVER.)

I need to determine why the KEA offer is not 'working'.  Admittedly, I do not 
know for certain that the Client-ID is the root of my problem.  I think the 
next step is to somehow prove that success or failure does indeed hinge on the 
inclusion of the Client-ID field in the DHCPOFFER.  I'm at somewhat of an 
impasse, as I cannot figure out how to tell KEA to NOT include the option.  (At 
the same time, I cannot figure out how to tell ISC DHCP to include the option - 
though this is off topic for the Kea-users list.)

Does anyone have any insight into a configuration option to disable option 61?  
Is there a generic way to disable a certain option via the kea.conf file?  Or, 
where in the code can I 'flip the switch' the turn option 61 off on an offer?

Thanks in advance,


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