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> On 19 Feb 2018, at 12:07, Rene Pöschl <poesc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 19/02/18 12:14, Jeff Young wrote:
>> The Open / List All button is much faster on all libraries than it used to 
>> be, and it’s a bit of a step-child to Search by Keyword and Select by 
>> Browser anyway.
>> So, I’m going to propose that we add a Library selection widget to New 
>> Footprint..., Export Library... and Save As... and otherwise abandon the 
>> active library concept.
> If you remove the active library concept from the "list all" stuff then you 
> might want to add a way to filter (by library) after that dialog opened.
> The live filtering of the list all dialog is much more powerful then the 
> filter by keyword button. (I personally never use the search by keyword 
> feature as i in most cases know in what lib a footprint resides. Otherwise i 
> can use search all without having an active lib.)

I have no issue against this in principal, but why not just use the Select by 
Browser then?  It’s not only got the by-library organisation, but it has better 
filtering across libraries, and it shows nice images.

Hmmm… I suppose the Browser is missing the Filter option….

> One use-case where filtering by a specific lib might be helpful is library 
> maintenance. The maintainer might have multiple different versions of the 
> same lib in their system. (I have three copies of the footprint library added 
> to my review project. Differentiated by a prefix to the library nickname. 
> Results in >300 libs active in this project.)
> The save button should also have a way to remember in which lib the currently 
> edited footprint resides and offer a one click save. (Fill out the target lib 
> and footprint name such that by default the current footprint is overwritten.)
> The use-case for "i want to edit a footprint" is much more common then "i 
> want to copy a footprint to a different lib/name". (At least for me.)

Indeed, that’s the root motivation behind getting rid of the active library 

> A bonus would be if the selection of the target lib is made easy via some 
> live filtering option. (The official lib already has >100 footprint libs)
> And please do not remove the lib browser! This is the only way of checking a 
> large number of footprints in a fast way. This feature has already been 
> removed for symbols. (By removing the symbol selector with the preview.) 
> Don't make the same mistake on the footprint side.

Could you say more about this?  Do you mean the Footprints view in the Symbol 
Selector?  (You can re-enable that through preferences.)  Or something else?


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