Looking at this some more we already have Export Footprint... which does 
exactly the same thing as Save Footprint in a New Library….  So we can just 
ditch the later menu item.

And since those appear to be the only ways to create a new library in 4.0, I 
suggest we leave it that way until 6.0.

Changes required:
- Set Active Library… goes back to its 4.0 spot in the menus
- New Footprint… needs to ask what library to create it in
- Open Footprint… goes back to main File menu
- Open Footprint from Current Board… moves to the Import sub-menu
- Save Footprint in Open Library becomes Save Footprint
- Save Footprint in a New Library… goes away

  Set Active Library…
  New Footprint…
  Open Footprint…
  Save Footprint
  Import                 >
  Export                 >

> On 19 Feb 2018, at 14:16, Jeff Young <j...@rokeby.ie> wrote:
> I logged https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1750374 
> <https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1750374> for the (non-intentional) 
> removal of library filters.
> I imagine we’ll fix that in the Place Symbol browser.  Since we don’t have a 
> Place Footprint browser yet (not to be confused with the current Footprint 
> Viewer we use in that context), removal of the active library concept no 
> longer sounds like a 5.0 thing.
> However, that’s no reason to leave it as Byzantine as it currently is.  A 
> footprint belongs to a Library.  It doesn’t matter what the active library 
> is.  If you Save, it gets saved in its library.  If you do a New, you need to 
> tell it what library to put it in.  If you want to move it to a different 
> library we’ll add a Save As… (with a New… button in it similar to the 
> filesystem’s New Folder, which will allow us to dump Save in a New Library… 
> item).
> And we’ll need to put Set Active Library… back at the top and not treat it 
> like it is an Open Library… command.  (We already messed that up with the 
> icons, but if we move New Library to the Save As… and Set Active Library… 
> dialogs then we can dispose of it on the toolbar and in the menus.)
> It’s a bit involved, but I think it will make a huge improvement.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Jeff.
>> On 19 Feb 2018, at 13:21, Rene Pöschl <poesc...@gmail.com 
>> <mailto:poesc...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> On 19/02/18 13:16, Jeff Young wrote:
>>> Hi Rene,
>>> Comments in-line:
>>>> On 19 Feb 2018, at 12:07, Rene Pöschl <poesc...@gmail.com 
>>>> <mailto:poesc...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>> On 19/02/18 12:14, Jeff Young wrote:
>>>>> The Open / List All button is much faster on all libraries than it used 
>>>>> to be, and it’s a bit of a step-child to Search by Keyword and Select by 
>>>>> Browser anyway.
>>>>> So, I’m going to propose that we add a Library selection widget to New 
>>>>> Footprint..., Export Library... and Save As... and otherwise abandon the 
>>>>> active library concept.
>>>> If you remove the active library concept from the "list all" stuff then 
>>>> you might want to add a way to filter (by library) after that dialog 
>>>> opened.
>>>> The live filtering of the list all dialog is much more powerful then the 
>>>> filter by keyword button. (I personally never use the search by keyword 
>>>> feature as i in most cases know in what lib a footprint resides. Otherwise 
>>>> i can use search all without having an active lib.)
>>> I have no issue against this in principal, but why not just use the Select 
>>> by Browser then?  It’s not only got the by-library organisation, but it has 
>>> better filtering across libraries, and it shows nice images.
>>> Hmmm… I suppose the Browser is missing the Filter option….
>> For both the lib and footprint ;) (See next point)
>>>> One use-case where filtering by a specific lib might be helpful is library 
>>>> maintenance. The maintainer might have multiple different versions of the 
>>>> same lib in their system. (I have three copies of the footprint library 
>>>> added to my review project. Differentiated by a prefix to the library 
>>>> nickname. Results in >300 libs active in this project.)
>>>> The save button should also have a way to remember in which lib the 
>>>> currently edited footprint resides and offer a one click save. (Fill out 
>>>> the target lib and footprint name such that by default the current 
>>>> footprint is overwritten.)
>>>> The use-case for "i want to edit a footprint" is much more common then "i 
>>>> want to copy a footprint to a different lib/name". (At least for me.)
>>> Indeed, that’s the root motivation behind getting rid of the active library 
>>> concept.
>> To clarify: i use the select active lib dialog to filter the lib name (it 
>> has live filtering of library names which the footprint browser lacks) This 
>> allows me to reduce the set of libs from >300 to ~3 in most cases. (example 
>> entering JST results in a list of the 3 different versions of the 
>> Connector_JST lib i have on my system. For a normal user it would result in 
>> one lib.)
>> After that, the list all dialog allows filtering for footprints (in the 
>> active lib)
>> To continue the JST example: Entering 1x02 will lists all JST single row 
>> connectors with two pins. (If either filtering option is missing, this 
>> use-case becomes a lot harder.)
>>>> A bonus would be if the selection of the target lib is made easy via some 
>>>> live filtering option. (The official lib already has >100 footprint libs)
>>>> And please do not remove the lib browser! This is the only way of checking 
>>>> a large number of footprints in a fast way. This feature has already been 
>>>> removed for symbols. (By removing the symbol selector with the preview.) 
>>>> Don't make the same mistake on the footprint side.
>>> Could you say more about this?  Do you mean the Footprints view in the 
>>> Symbol Selector?  (You can re-enable that through preferences.)  Or 
>>> something else?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Jeff.
>> I fear this might be considered derailing the conversation. (It has 
>> currently nothing to do with footprints.) I just miss a way to browse 
>> symbols in a fast manner (use the arrow keys to see a preview of many 
>> symbols in a short amount of time)
>> This has been previously provided by the select symbol dialog in the symbol 
>> editor. (To emulate this behavior in the tree view, one would need a way to 
>> filter the available symbol libs and a way to navigate symbols in that lib 
>> by using arrow keys. Plus fast symbol preview without further user action.)
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