Here’s the dialog stuff to go with them:

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On 19 Feb 2018, at 20:16, Wayne Stambaugh <> wrote:

I'm fine with this change.  What kind of time frame are we talking
about?  I can push this off to rc2 if necessary.  As soon as Orson
pushes his Eagle label fix, I'm going branch v5 and tag rc1.  Whatever
is left will have to go into rc2.  I'm also going to push the UI string
freeze to rc2 since there is obviously more UI work being done than I



On 2/19/2018 12:56 PM, Jeff Young wrote:
Understood, Wayne.

However, in the last proposal the only change other than menus is to add
a Library selector to the New Footprint dialog.


On 19 Feb 2018, at 17:39, Wayne Stambaugh <
<>> wrote:

This is starting to blur the line between bug fixing and bike shedding.
I have no great fondness for the current library metaphor either but we
are talking about making significant changes in the way the footprint
library editor works.  I really don't want to make too many changes here
because we are going to rework the footprint library editor to behave
like the symbol library editor at some point in the future.  If we
continue at this rate, version 5 will never get released.  I'm fine with
minor tweaks to menu and toolbar layouts but changes in behavior need to
be justified as to why I should risk allowing the stable 5 release to
slip to accommodate these changes.

On 2/19/2018 9:16 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
I logged for the
(non-intentional) removal of library filters.

I imagine we’ll fix that in the Place Symbol browser.  Since we don’t
have a Place Footprint browser yet (not to be confused with the current
Footprint Viewer we use in that context), removal of the active library
concept no longer sounds like a 5.0 thing.

However, that’s no reason to leave it as Byzantine as it currently is.
 A footprint belongs to a Library.  It doesn’t matter what the active
library is.  If you Save, it gets saved in its library.  If you do a
New, you need to tell it what library to put it in.  If you want to move
it to a different library we’ll add a Save As… (with a New… button in it
similar to the filesystem’s New Folder, which will allow us to dump Save
in a New Library… item).

And we’ll need to put Set Active Library… back at the top and not treat
it like it is an Open Library… command.  (We already messed that up with
the icons, but if we move New Library to the Save As… and Set Active
Library… dialogs then we can dispose of it on the toolbar and in the

It’s a bit involved, but I think it will make a huge improvement.



On 19 Feb 2018, at 13:21, Rene Pöschl <
<>> wrote:

On 19/02/18 13:16, Jeff Young wrote:
Hi Rene,

Comments in-line:

On 19 Feb 2018, at 12:07, Rene Pöschl <
<>> wrote:

On 19/02/18 12:14, Jeff Young wrote:
The Open / List All button is much faster on all libraries than it
used to be, and it’s a bit of a step-child to Search by Keyword and
Select by Browser anyway.

So, I’m going to propose that we add a Library selection widget to
New Footprint..., Export Library... and Save As... and otherwise
abandon the active library concept.
If you remove the active library concept from the "list all" stuff
then you might want to add a way to filter (by library) after that
dialog opened.
The live filtering of the list all dialog is much more powerful then
the filter by keyword button. (I personally never use the search by
keyword feature as i in most cases know in what lib a footprint
resides. Otherwise i can use search all without having an active lib.)
I have no issue against this in principal, but why not just use the
Select by Browser then?  It’s not only got the by-library
organisation, but it has better filtering across libraries, and it
shows nice images.

Hmmm… I suppose the Browser is missing the Filter option….

For both the lib and footprint ;) (See next point)

One use-case where filtering by a specific lib might be helpful is
library maintenance. The maintainer might have multiple different
versions of the same lib in their system. (I have three copies of
the footprint library added to my review project. Differentiated by
a prefix to the library nickname. Results in >300 libs active in
this project.)

The save button should also have a way to remember in which lib the
currently edited footprint resides and offer a one click save. (Fill
out the target lib and footprint name such that by default the
current footprint is overwritten.)
The use-case for "i want to edit a footprint" is much more common
then "i want to copy a footprint to a different lib/name". (At least
for me.)
Indeed, that’s the root motivation behind getting rid of the active
library concept.

To clarify: i use the select active lib dialog to filter the lib name
(it has live filtering of library names which the footprint browser
lacks) This allows me to reduce the set of libs from >300 to ~3 in
most cases. (example entering JST results in a list of the 3 different
versions of the Connector_JST lib i have on my system. For a normal
user it would result in one lib.)

After that, the list all dialog allows filtering for footprints (in
the active lib)
To continue the JST example: Entering 1x02 will lists all JST single
row connectors with two pins. (If either filtering option is missing,
this use-case becomes a lot harder.)
A bonus would be if the selection of the target lib is made easy via
some live filtering option. (The official lib already has >100
footprint libs)

And please do not remove the lib browser! This is the only way of
checking a large number of footprints in a fast way. This feature
has already been removed for symbols. (By removing the symbol
selector with the preview.) Don't make the same mistake on the
footprint side.
Could you say more about this?  Do you mean the Footprints view in
the Symbol Selector?  (You can re-enable that through preferences.)
 Or something else?


I fear this might be considered derailing the conversation. (It has
currently nothing to do with footprints.) I just miss a way to browse
symbols in a fast manner (use the arrow keys to see a preview of many
symbols in a short amount of time)

This has been previously provided by the select symbol dialog in the
symbol editor. (To emulate this behavior in the tree view, one would
need a way to filter the available symbol libs and a way to navigate
symbols in that lib by using arrow keys. Plus fast symbol preview
without further user action.)

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