There might be a conflict in the settings (V4 might not be able to parse V5 
settings)I've filed a bug addressing this (feature request):

Also using V5 libs can be problematic in V4. One great thing is that at least 
in the latest V4 (4.0.7) there is no need for system wide environment 
variables. Thus one can run V4 and V5 with different set of libraries and have 
KiCad variables (KISYSMOD, KISYS3DMOD, ...) point to different locations in V4 
and V5. So I would recommend for the installer (at least on Windows) to not set 
the environment variables by default as this is not needed anymore. Leave it to 
the user to set them up within the KiCad. But this is a different issue. 

    On Wednesday, 4 April 2018, 14:27, Eeli Kaikkonen 
<> wrote:

 I can confirm that many users would appreciate the possibility to run several 
precompiled versions. It has come up in the user forums. Using a virtual 
machine for that purpose has been suggested as a solution, but it's not very 

One possible problem is the configuration compatibility. It might be a good 
idea to have a command line switch to use a different configuration 
files/directories so that the installations could be completely independent. 
Also the env variables may be a problem. Maybe they could be overriden with 
command line switches, too?

Eeli Kaikkonen

2018-04-04 13:52 GMT+03:00 Jean-Samuel Reynaud <>:

Dear All,

Since I provide PPA (daily build for Ubuntu) for KiCad, I receive some
requests about installing daily build packages in parallel with stable
With next version (V5) I think it can be useful...
FreeCad provide this kind of feature and you are able to run both
version in parallel.

For testing that I had created a dedicated PPA:
(to add with sudo add-apt-repository ppa:js-reynaud/kicad-dev- daily)

Once added, you are able to install a new package "kicad-daily" that
won't conflict with existing "kicad" packages.
All files are installed on a separate folder and commands became
"something-daily". For example kicad-daily or pcbnew-daily...

So my questions are:
- Is it usefull ?
- Is it a bad idea/stupid :( ?
- If you test it, are you able to find some limitations/bugs ?
- Perhaps to have is plainly functional some modifications are needed.
What modifications ?

For the moment, you can't run in same time two versions (or there are
some error messages...) anyway both are installed and easily "runnable"...

Please give your comments, feedbacks...

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