The new format for eeschema appears to be causing problems with local 
labels, global labels, and the new hierarchical label when generating 
I am working with a schematic that several people have been working on. 
It has a root sheet, a sheet inside the root and another one in the 
second level sheet.
When the netlist was generated nets were merged for no apparent reason 
and given names that were not specified on any net. The PCB 
interconnectivity was really screwed up.
Fortunately I was able to remove the "hierarchy enhancements" from the 
schematic file with a text editor and load it into 2007-11-29 EESchema, 
it converted a lot of what should have been global labels to text. Once 
I cleaned these up I was able to generate a correct netlist and start 
working on the PCB.
Any one else had problems Like these with netlist generation from a 
hierarchical schematic on the new release?
I was very concerned with the new release when I saw that the 
schematics were not backward compatible with the older releases. Now it 
seems my concerns were justified.

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