I had a very strange shematic error: in the main sheet I managed to add 
2 daughter shematics exactly in the same place! The problem is that it 
was not visible and I could not move only one of them... I had to edit 
the file

Did anyone have some similar problem?


daystar1013 escreveu:
> Jean-Pierre,
> I believe I know what happened, it was to some degree a problem with 
> mixing eeschema versions between different engineers working on the 
> same project.
> Two of the sheets were developed separately, one root containing one 
> child sheet. We then added that root sheet to another schematic as a 
> child sheet. The name of the child sheet that had been the root was 
> changed. One of the nets that contained several erroneously merged 
> nets had the same name as the previous root schematic. I believe at 
> some point in time one of the schematics was manually edited and some 
> of the sheet timestamps had been removed. Interestingly enough, 
> eeschema still rendered the schematics correctly.
> I guess the only complaint I have is the lack of verbose diagnostics 
> in the schematic to netlist conversion. I had to find the errors in 
> PCB, emitters and collectors of transistors being shorted together 
> and the like.
> Thanks for your consideration and timely response.
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>> daystar1013 a écrit :
>>> The new format for eeschema appears to be causing problems with 
> local
>>> labels, global labels, and the new hierarchical label when 
> generating
>>> netlists.
>>> I am working with a schematic that several people have been 
> working on.
>>> It has a root sheet, a sheet inside the root and another one in 
> the
>>> second level sheet.
>>> When the netlist was generated nets were merged for no apparent 
> reason
>>> and given names that were not specified on any net. The PCB
>>> interconnectivity was really screwed up.
>> "New" hierarchical labels are the old global labels. the current 
> global 
>> labels are new and are actually "globals" (as said in new doc)
>> I have no problem with new eeschema labels handling.
>> So, can you send me your kicad project ?
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