Hello Guys,
where can I download this tutorial for hierarchical schematic?
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> Hello folks;


> I'm writing a tutorial introduction to drawing hierarchical schematics using 
> KiCad.  The audience in mind is folks new to schematic capture.  While not 
> complete yet, there is much there.  The document is in Open Document Format, 
> though I have also posted a PDF as well.  I want to thank the documentation 
> writers, the reference material is good.


> In closing, I will appreciate any constructive comments that you might have.

I just downloaded the PDF. It looks like a good start. This is a 
not-well-documented feature of KiCAD, so your tutorial is much needed.

Make sure to add the method for creating bus lines that are auto-numbered. This 
is the primary reason I use sub-sheets. Gotta make sure to use the ".." - no 
more and no less dots... :-)   








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