Hello Jonathan

> My first reason for writing the tutorial is to scratch my own itch.  

This is the same reason i wrote the stuff
(AdditionalKiCAD-Docu_06Aug2010.zip) you find at the attachment. :-)
The first i needed working with KiCAD was an EN60617 library. So i had
to make them. And so i had to work with the library editor.
Because the lack of documentation, i collected my notices...and so on.

> An earlier comment confirmed my suspicion, that such a tutorial is needed. 

Of course, yes. But be aware, that your work often will get obsolete,
because of the fast progress in developing. 

> With regard to copyright, do you have any opinion?  

So far i can see, it seems right.....in matters of paedagocical issues i
cannot say anything, because i am prone to think a little bit like a

> That first, incomplete draft doesn't have a copyright notice, so the default 
> legal rules apply.
>  The next version should have some kind of a copyright notice.  Given the 
> screen shots and closeness
>  to the application, I need to learn about how the existing KiCad 
> documentation handles the issue. 

I put my writings either under GNU GPL or creative commons.

>  So, in a nutshell, I'm working on it.

Good luck. And best regards: Bernd Wiebus alias dl1eic

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