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(In reply to Srdjan Jankovic from comment #47)
> Created attachment 55578 [details] [review]
> bug_15562: Removed Koha::Caches->get_instance()
> There should be no cache singletons, full stop. If Koha is to move away
> from .pl scripts that is.
> As an interim measure Koha::Caches->get_instance() is replaced with
> C4::Context->cache. In that respect it will continue to work in the
> singleton-ish way if context is used as a singleton, but supports
> cache-per-context.
> Koha::Handler::Plack->app_per_host() cache sysprefs using Context memcached.

Did you notice that Koha::Caches->get_instance could take a subnamespace
Currently we have 3 different subnamespaces: the default one (""), syspref and

Just looking at the code, I'd say it introduces a regressions: if the memcached
configuration (defined in koha-conf.xml) is different than the default one
(localhost:11211) it won't be used.

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