--- Comment #50 from David Cook <> ---
I've been thinking about this a bit lately, and this seems like a huge task.

I support a legacy mod_perl app, and the original developers of that had
difficulty with caching just within the single app itself. They weren't the
best developers, but I wonder if we could really handle 2+ apps via a single
Plack instance. 

Has anyone seen examples of this elsewhere on the Internet? I've never heard of
anything like it before (outside CGI), but I'd be curious to hear about any.

I foresee problems with global variables in modules. Take XML::LibXSLT for
example. There are several global options which are set per process, so all
your Kohas would share those same options, and one Koha changing those options
would affect all Kohas. I suppose we probably don't play with XML::LibXSLT too
much. I think I added the ability to register functions, which is a global
XML::LibXSLT option, in XSLT::Handler, but I don't think I ever used it. 

Anyway, I obviously haven't investigated very deeply into this, but I've been
thinking more about using Plack locally for our multi-host environments, and
I'm struggling conceptually to see how it would work.

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