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--- Comment #1 from Andreas Roussos <> ---
I'm no Perl expert but here's what I've found so far in my attempt
to debug this.

members/ in the current master (0254fd7):

372 if ( ($op eq 'modify' || $op eq 'insert' || $op eq 'save'|| $op eq
'duplicate') and ($step == 0 or $step == 3 )){
373     unless ($newdata{'dateexpiry'}){
374         my $patron_category = Koha::Patron::Categories->find(
$newdata{categorycode} );
375         $newdata{'dateexpiry'} = $patron_category->get_expiry_date(
$newdata{dateenrolled} );
376     }
377 }

The problem in line 375 is that the value of the $patron_category
variable is undefined, because at line 374 $newdata{categorycode}
comes from $input->param(), as per the comment at line 168. Since
no 'categorycode' value is passed in the URL, the call to
Koha::Patron::Categories->find() fails.

So, it seems that the easy fix is to add the categorycode in the URL.
It's trivial to fix so I'll provide a patch soon.

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