--- Comment #6 from Andreas Roussos <> ---
(In reply to M. Tompsett from comment #5)
> While this is all true, that's not what the block of code is trying to do.
> Patron's should have an expiry date for their account. The problem is not
> the lack of category code, the problem is the lack of expiry date. This code
> is trying to correct the expiry date based on the category code. However,
> given that we don't know what the category code is, the program shouldn't
> even be trying to set the dateexpiry at all. So, in the case that there is
> no category found, which is also possible by passing a BAD one, we should
> not set the dateexpiry. In short, set the dateexpiry to the function call
> *IF* there is a patron_category. Hence, my counter patch. Feel free to sign
> off on it and obsolete yours, Andreas, if you think it is better.
> I don't think fixing all the templates to pass category code is the correct
> way to handle the problem.
I agree with your analysis above; the code shouldn't be trying to set an expiry
date if no patron_category can be found, so it makes more sense to fix this in
members/ rather than in the templates.

I've obsoleted my patch and will sign off on yours.

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