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Bug 17307 - Some edit buttons/links for patrons do not work without a
categorycode in the URL

In the Staff client, the 'Edit' button in the patron search page doesn't
work. This is also true for one of the 'Edit' links in the patron Detail
page, and the 'Edit' link in the Norwegian national patron database search

This reason behind this is a missing categorycode parameter in the URL,
and this patch fixes that.

Test plan:
0) [PREREQUISITES FOR STEP 3] Enable the Norwegian national patron database
   search by setting the following sysprefs:
       NorwegianPatronDBEnable                -> Enable
       NorwegianPatronDBEndpoint              -> test
       NorwegianPatronDBSearchNLAfterLocalHit -> Don't
       NorwegianPatronDBUsername              -> username
       NorwegianPatronDBPassword              -> password
1) Go to Home > Patrons, search for a patron, click on the 'Edit' button
   (last column). You cannot edit the patron, and you get the following
   Software error in your browser:
   Can't call method "get_expiry_date" on an undefined value at [...]
2) Go to the patron's Detail page and click on the 'Edit' link under the
   'Library use' heading on the right. You'll get the same error.
3) Manually navigate to <STAFF_URL>/cgi-bin/koha/members/,
   then search for the card number of one of your patrons. Click 'Edit'
   under the 'Existing patrons' heading. You'll get the same error.
4) Apply the patch.
5) Repeat steps 1), 2), and 3). This time the 'Edit' button/links work.

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