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At 03:03 PM 9/21/2016 +0000, Kivilahti Olli-Antti wrote:
Hi there!
I don't know how I intercepted this email since I never read my email, but...

Well, you've been subscribed for many years, have occasionally written, but I would agree that you "never read" ...

[snip] Kyle. I totally f***ing agree with you 10000%.
Swagger2 + React + Redux will f*** the s*** out of any ILS Koha meets.

While I also find that Kyle made some good points, I am not a "list moderator" here, but would instantly chuck you out for your asterisks. I have Finnish friends who are perfectly civilized, so may I suggest kiitos and add ole varovainen sanasi ja kiel.

I was planning to start a ... 'KohaFi' ... get rid of the legacy baggage ... before we (as in Finland) can start working on that I have a ton of stuff to do. Maybe next year ...

I wish you (as in Finland [sic]) good luck. I'm holding my breath for "maybe next year" -- or hopefully even later -- for an outcome to your diatribe.

P.S. I will not respond to any further trolling.
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