Just a quick note, unsolicited emails, or spam as it is commonly known is 
indeed a crime in some jurisdictions. And in almost every one it is against 

I'm not going to respond to the rest of your email which reads as a personal 
fight between you and other Indian Koha developers/companies. Please leave this 
kind of email off the list in future. 

And if you plan to continue to send unsolicited emails to people then I think 
the request to remove the listing should stand 


On 9 August 2017 5:58:37 AM NZST, "Sudhir Gandotra @ Kalculate" 
<sud...@kalculate.com> wrote:
>Dear Jonathan Druart,
>I am rather surprised to note this mail.
>The only mail that I see from you to me was as below :
>Jonathan Druart <jonathan.dru...@bugs.koha-community.org>
>May 17
>to koha
>Dear Sudhir Gandotra,
>You are receiving this email because you are listed as a paid support
>company on the Koha community website (https://koha-community.org/su
>We are updating the list of paid support companies for Koha on our
>community website. Please, after reading this email, either hit reply
>complete the form mentioned below to confirm you are still an active
>support company.
>The next development cycle of Koha (17.11) is going to start before the
>month of May is out.
>Over the next 6 months we will be building the latest, even more
>release of Koha.  We strongly believe that having everybody involved is
>fundamental to achieving this.
>We want to build a task force and for that, we need to know who can
>time and effort that we can count on, in order to estimate the goals we
>Even if you have never been involved in the Koha community but are
>Koha, you can help us by committing just a few hours each month:
>library workers or support companies can contribute massively by
>feedback, testing patches, contributing to the documentation or by
>involved in other specific tasks. Even if you do not know how to code
>can help shape the next release and improve Koha.
>If you want to help, or if you have specific requests for this release,
>please let us know by completing this form:
> > https://framaforms.org/ready-to-help-the-koha-community-1493918217 <
>Just a couple of hours per month dedicated to the project is a huge
>Best regards,
>Jonathan Druart on behalf of the Koha community
>I have not replied to it, as I am usually been travelling extensively
>the last 12 months, but, within our team, we are discussing as to how
>can take this forward and start contributing to the Koha community in
>future, starting in next few months.
>*On the other hand, I would like to share the following with you :*
>As duly acknowledged by the Koha community here, we are the entity
>known as Indserve Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) that introduced Koha in India
>the first commercially done Koha implementation at Delhi Pubic Library,
>2007-08, for which I can show you the formal purchase order also.
>Its another story that our trainee-engineer, who was trained by us on
>project, left us, cheated us, took away the clients we were negotiating
>harmed our work seriously, went to another company and is active on
>even now.
>We were forced to lie low for a while (due to illegal actions of a
>MNC against us) and restarted our activities in a big way again in
>and after creating over 165 clients across 15 countries, have now taken
>Koha to new level, whereby we are offering the complete services free
>cost and this is taking us places.
>The amount of publicity, growth and expansion that we have done with
>is tremendous when you see the number of clients, the spread of these
>clients, and their support to us because of un-breaking services.
>I am aware that people like Vinod Mishra and some others are quiet
>of us and now with these free services, they are, possibly, afraid of
>losing their business. And, because of this, they find all kinds of
>of speaking against us with clients and here also on the list.
>I see no reason for deleting our name, because, caused by such negative
>people, it will only give bad name to the whole of community, a cause
>which we have given our full support form the very beginning. And,
>moreover, we have done nothing against Koha. Rather, with the number of
>libraries to our credit, we are among the biggest providers of Koha
>To promote our services, we do send mails to libraries and in that
>the mail went to mycpl.org also. Owen Leonard felt bad about it, wrote
>me, and I replied to him with my apologies, as our intentions have
>been to promote Koha. However, there is no law or convention that says
>a Koha service provider cannot send promotional mails to libraries.
>help me understand this point better, if I am missing something.
>I will not speak against any of them, as, that is neither my style, nor
>I person driven by fears.
>Being a Humanist, I am aware that I need to contribute to the good of
>world, that has given me my life and everything else that I have and I
>very happy contributing to Linux and Koha in my own way.
>*I have not done much, with my more than 400 Libraries to my credit, I
>wonder if this is negligible.*
>And, for that "crime" (if that's how these people will prefer to term
>as its being labelled by some ignorant ones, if you think Koha
>will be happier without me on the list, let's set the new standards.
>I am quiet aware that Koha is a community thing and fortunately not a
>personal property of anyone, and due to that fact alone, it is
>that, as a Community, we set the highest standards, which are not
>driven by
>the fears of a few ignorant ones, but by the bold-selfless actions of
>who do for the society.
>I look forward to hearing from you on this.
>I assure you that, very soon, you will find me increasingly active on
>By the way, my request of adding my new company "Best Book Buddies" to
>list of service providers is pending for around a year.
>Sudhir Gandotra
>On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Jonathan Druart <
>jonathan.dru...@bugs.koha-community.org> wrote:
>> I have sent them several emails and they never answered. They are
>> on my list of companies to remove from the list.
>> Cheers,
>> Jonathan
>> On Fri, 4 Aug 2017 at 08:56 Owen Leonard <oleon...@myacpl.org> wrote:
>> > Has anyone else received spam from "BestBookBuddies   - an
>> > of: OpenLX Technologies Pvt. Ltd." ? They recently spammed me and
>> > everyone else on my library's contact page.
>> >
>> > If it were up to me they would be removed from the list of paid
>> > support providers, but I don't think the rules explicitly forbid
>> > sending spam.
>> >
>> >  -- Owen
>> >
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