This is what I get from the discussion so far as facts that concern the community:

- You never replied to Jonathan or filled out the form. That's why you ended up on the list of companies to be removed from the directory.

- You sent unsolicited emails advertising your servies to a library in the US. I can tell you that this kind of action is frowned upon not only in the US, but in Germany too.

Everything else you write about I have no idea about nor do I think this is the right place to discuss it.


On 08.08.2017 20:26, Sudhir Gandotra @ Kalculate wrote:
Well Chris Cormack,  It will be very interesting to note that a Koha
Service Provider with over 400 Libraries to his credit, will be removed
from the official list, because he sent a mail to a Library informing about
his Koha Services.

It will be an interesting standard to be fixed for this community and to be
watched closely by many in the future.

It is interesting to note that while you do not rightly want to be part of
the trouble between some service providers, you seem to be influenced by
some of them. I hope I will be proven wrong on this point, which seems to
be clear conclusion from what you wrote.

*By the way, how do we decide that my mail to a library, a direct mail sent
to them, can be termed as a spam ?*

*Since when, did people start talking of their services only when someone
asks for them ?*

I trust the common sense will prevail and all of us will remain promoting
Koha and not the fears of some people around here.

By the way, my request for being listed as a Koha service provider
(BestBook is still not approved and I have resent the request

Sudhir Gandotra

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 11:42 PM, Chris Cormack <>

Just a quick note, unsolicited emails, or spam as it is commonly known is
indeed a crime in some jurisdictions. And in almost every one it is against

I'm not going to respond to the rest of your email which reads as a
personal fight between you and other Indian Koha developers/companies.
Please leave this kind of email off the list in future.

And if you plan to continue to send unsolicited emails to people then I
think the request to remove the listing should stand


On 9 August 2017 5:58:37 AM NZST, "Sudhir Gandotra @ Kalculate" <> wrote:
Dear Jonathan Druart,

I am rather surprised to note this mail.

The only mail that I see from you to me was as below :


Jonathan Druart <>
May 17
to koha

Dear Sudhir Gandotra,

You are receiving this email because you are listed as a paid support
company on the Koha community website (

We are updating the list of paid support companies for Koha on our
community website. Please, after reading this email, either hit reply or
complete the form mentioned below to confirm you are still an active
support company.

The next development cycle of Koha (17.11) is going to start before the
month of May is out.
Over the next 6 months we will be building the latest, even more awesome,
release of Koha.  We strongly believe that having everybody involved is
fundamental to achieving this.

We want to build a task force and for that, we need to know who can commit
time and effort that we can count on, in order to estimate the goals we can
Even if you have never been involved in the Koha community but are using
Koha, you can help us by committing just a few hours each month:
library workers or support companies can contribute massively by providing
feedback, testing patches, contributing to the documentation or by getting
involved in other specific tasks. Even if you do not know how to code you
can help shape the next release and improve Koha.
If you want to help, or if you have specific requests for this release,
please let us know by completing this form: <
Just a couple of hours per month dedicated to the project is a huge help!

Best regards,
Jonathan Druart on behalf of the Koha community


I have not replied to it, as I am usually been travelling extensively for
the last 12 months, but, within our team, we are discussing as to how we
can take this forward and start contributing to the Koha community in
future, starting in next few months.

*On the other hand, I would like to share the following with you :*

As duly acknowledged by the Koha community here, we are the entity (then
known as Indserve Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) that introduced Koha in India with
the first commercially done Koha implementation at Delhi Pubic Library, in
2007-08, for which I can show you the formal purchase order also.
Its another story that our trainee-engineer, who was trained by us on this
project, left us, cheated us, took away the clients we were negotiating and
harmed our work seriously, went to another company and is active on Koha
even now.
We were forced to lie low for a while (due to illegal actions of a large
MNC against us) and restarted our activities in a big way again in 2010,
and after creating over 165 clients across 15 countries, have now taken
Koha to new level, whereby we are offering the complete services free of
cost and this is taking us places.

The amount of publicity, growth and expansion that we have done with Koha
is tremendous when you see the number of clients, the spread of these
clients, and their support to us because of un-breaking services.

I am aware that people like Vinod Mishra and some others are quiet jealous
of us and now with these free services, they are, possibly, afraid of
losing their business. And, because of this, they find all kinds of excuses
of speaking against us with clients and here also on the list.

I see no reason for deleting our name, because, caused by such negative
people, it will only give bad name to the whole of community, a cause to
which we have given our full support form the very beginning. And,
moreover, we have done nothing against Koha. Rather, with the number of
libraries to our credit, we are among the biggest providers of Koha

To promote our services, we do send mails to libraries and in that process,
the mail went to also. Owen Leonard felt bad about it, wrote to
me, and I replied to him with my apologies, as our intentions have solely
been to promote Koha. However, there is no law or convention that says that
a Koha service provider cannot send promotional mails to libraries. Please
help me understand this point better, if I am missing something.

I will not speak against any of them, as, that is neither my style, nor am
I person driven by fears.

Being a Humanist, I am aware that I need to contribute to the good of this
world, that has given me my life and everything else that I have and I am
very happy contributing to Linux and Koha in my own way.
*I have not done much, with my more than 400 Libraries to my credit, I
wonder if this is negligible.*

And, for that "crime" (if that's how these people will prefer to term it),
as its being labelled by some ignorant ones, if you think Koha community
will be happier without me on the list, let's set the new standards.

I am quiet aware that Koha is a community thing and fortunately not a
personal property of anyone, and due to that fact alone, it is important,
that, as a Community, we set the highest standards, which are not driven by
the fears of a few ignorant ones, but by the bold-selfless actions of those
who do for the society.

I look forward to hearing from you on this.

I assure you that, very soon, you will find me increasingly active on the

By the way, my request of adding my new company "Best Book Buddies" to the
list of service providers is pending for around a year.

Sudhir Gandotra

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Jonathan Druart <> wrote:

  I have sent them several emails and they never answered. They are already
  on my list of companies to remove from the list.


  On Fri, 4 Aug 2017 at 08:56 Owen Leonard <> wrote:

  Has anyone else received spam from "BestBookBuddies   - an Initiative
  of: OpenLX Technologies Pvt. Ltd." ? They recently spammed me and
  everyone else on my library's contact page.

  If it were up to me they would be removed from the list of paid
  support providers, but I don't think the rules explicitly forbid
  sending spam.

   -- Owen

  Web Developer
  Athens County Public Libraries

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