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Dear Comrades and Friends,
We forward you:
- The Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Countries of
the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf Region.

- The Resolution on the Palestine Issue

Both statements were adopted by the participants of the Meeting of
Communist and Workers’ Parties of the southern and Eastern
Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf Region, in Athens on 26-27
January 2002 (AKEL- Cyprus, Egyptian Communist Party, Communist Party of
Greece, Tudeh Party of Iran, Iraqi Communist Party, Communist Party of
Kurdistan-Iraq, Communist Party of Israel, Jordanian Communist Party,
Lebanese Communist Party, Palestinian People’s Party, Communist Party of
Sudan, Syrian Communist Party, Syrian Communist Party).

Fraternally Yours

International Section the CP of Greece - KKE


Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Southern and Eastern
Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Gulf Region met in Athens on 26-27
January 2002.

During this meeting the following issues were discussed:
1. The new international situation after the terrorist attacks in the
USA and the war in Afghanistan and their effects
2. The new elements in the struggle of the progressive and
anti-imperialist forces in the area; (a) forms of solidarity and
co-ordination of the struggle; (b) developments concerning the
«Euro-Mediterranean co-operation».
3. Joint-initiatives in order to improve the scientific research
activities of the Parties.

The participants dealt particularly with the dangerous situation that
resulted from the terrorist actions on 11th of September and the
dangerous escalation of the aggressive US policy and state sponsored
terrorism, which followed, and stated that the  threat that a global
hegemony of monopoly capital will be imposed under the leadership of the
USA is hanging over all peoples and their mass movements. They also
stated that the September 11 events provided an excellent justification
to launch, under the pretext of the war against terrorism, an
unprecedented attack against the freedoms and rights of the peoples.
Imperialists consider that any resistance movement fighting against
capitalist globalisation and their international organisations (IMF,
W.B., WTO), or any anti-imperialist movement fighting against
imperialist interventions and war, and against NATO and its actions can
now be considered to be terrorist. The same is true for the movements
struggling against the anti-popular and reactionary policy of the EU and
for any social and national liberation movement.

The participants stated and stressed the fact that the struggle of
peoples and movements for social liberation and national independence
has nothing to do with terrorist methods. Communists, having a long
experience, are well aware of the methods used by imperialist and
reactionary forces to slander the social and national liberation

The participants condemned terrorism. They consider the struggle of the
people for their social rights and national independence to be just.
They stated that terrorism as a concept and as a political practice is
an erroneous and dangerous tactic for the progressive movement. The only
ones benefiting from terrorist acts are the most reactionary, brutal and
racist forces of the imperialist camp, which are hostile to the peoples.

Examining the facts, the participants of the meeting considered that the
aims of the offensive of the imperialist forces were not formulated
after the 11th of September, but had existed before the terrorist
attacks in the USA.

The participants considered that humanity as a whole is subjected to the
implementation of a particularly dangerous plan that jeopardises
security, peace and stability in large areas of our planet. One special
target is the just struggle of the Palestinian people for independence
and the creation of a state of their own, as well as those struggles of
the peoples of the Arab countries and other countries of the Gulf Region
and Central Asia.

The participants condemned the imperialist war unleashed by the US and
NATO on 7th October 2001 against the Afghani people, causing thousands
of innocent victims. The real goal of this war was to secure full
control over the energy resources and oil and natural gas routes in the
strategic region that links the former Soviet republics of Central Asia
with Russia, China, India, and the other states in the region.

They resolutely opposed any spreading of this war into other countries
and denounced the fact that this policy aims at intimidating the peoples
and forces fighting for their legitimate rights. Special attention was
paid to the preparations of war against Iraq. The participants condemned
any attempt of justification in this regard. They opposed any aggression
against Iraq, called for action to protect the Iraqi people from any new
attack and help overcome any new obstacles in the fight to lift the
embargo, the fight against the dictatorship, for the cause of a
democratic and federal Iraq. They expressed their concern on the
concentration of Turkish troops on one side of the borders and of Iraqi
troops on the other side aiming to invade Kurdistan, threatening in this
way the security and integrity of its people fighting for federation.

The participants in the meeting reaffirmed the need to:
· Develop strong links through common actions and co-ordination among
the Communist and Workers’ Parties.
· Intensify their struggle against attempts to impose a new
international law based on the motto  «might makes right».
· Defend the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of
independent, sovereign states and the principle of respect of their
territorial integrity and independence.
· Struggle for the right of any people to make a sovereign choice on
their own way of governance and development and to determine their own
· Condemn the unilateral withdrawal of the Bush Administration from the
ABM Treaty and the threats to use nuclear strikes.
· Declare their opposition to NATO and the consequences of its
aggressive policy in the region, as well as to every attempt to expand
NATO further towards the Mediterranean.
· Oppose the setting up of the rapid intervention forces and the EU
Army. These developments constitute new threats for the peoples of the
· End the foreign military presence in the region and demand the
dismantling of the foreign military bases.

They also agreed to:
· Undertake active initiatives to co-ordinate action against the
policies of imperialist countries and multinational monopolies and
intensify their struggle against the conditions imposed by the G-8, the
WTO, the IMF and the World Bank, which express the domination of the
imperialists and monopoly capital, and which are against workers’ rights
and against the countries and peoples who resist their conspiracies. The
participants expressed their opposition to the content of the EU
policies in the frame work of the Euro - Mediterranean co-operation as
well as to the similar actions promoted by the US and Israel.
· Undertake strong action to cancel the foreign debt of the developing
countries and, until this is achieved, freeze yearly payments for
servicing the debt.
· Develop a broad movement to defend the gains of the working people and
undertake initiatives to develop co-ordination and co-operation with the
class organisations of the working people, which resist and fight
against the capitalist offensive.
· Undertake joint initiatives within the youth movement concerning young
people’s living conditions, education and the securing of their future.
· Support the struggle of women to defend their gains and protect their
political, economic and social rights, confirming the necessity to
eliminate all forms of exploitation, oppression and violence against
women and to enable women to attain decision-making posts.
· Stand in solidarity with all democratic and people’s forces in the
various countries of the region in the struggle for the establishment
and respect of political, trade union and democratic freedoms.
· Support and take an active part in the social movement that is
emerging throughout the world against savage neo-liberalism and the
militarization of globalization.

As far as the particular problems of the region are concerned, the
participants agreed to the following points:

-   To support the struggle for basic democratic rights that include the
right to organise freely, the freedom of press, the freedom of
expression, the rights of national and religious minorities, the
independence of the judiciary, as well as the struggle to condemn state
sponsored terror.
- To condemn the persecution and imprisonment of fighters for democratic
rights and freedoms and express their solidarity with the struggle for
the release of political prisoners in Turkey, Israel, Iran, Iraq, the
Sudan and in other countries of the area.
- To salute and express solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian
people for a just and peaceful solution, assuring the realization of
their right to the establishment of their own independent state with
East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with the resolutions of the
UN, for the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes. They
condemn the aggressiveness and brutality of the Israeli occupation
forces in the West Bank and Gaza strip and demand an immediate end to
the brutal siege of President Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah.
- To develop a broad solidarity movement with the Palestinian people,
with actions involving political parties, trade unions, youth, women and
other social movements and join initiatives in the occupied territories.

- To support the conference of solidarity with the Palestinian people to
be organized by AKEL of Cyprus.
- To express their solidarity with the peace - loving anti-imperialist
forces of Israel in their struggle for the termination of the occupation
and annexation of territories of neighbouring countries.
- To support the unconditional withdrawal of the Israeli occupation
forces from the Gholan area and from all territory in Southern Lebanon.
- To assist the struggle of the democratic and anti-imperialist forces
in Turkey for the restoration of democratic and trade union freedoms.
- To express their solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people
fighting for the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation troops and all the
foreign bases and troops, for the peaceful reunification of the island
through a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem, on the basis
of the UN resolutions and of the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979,
for a federal, independent, demilitarized, territorially integral
Cyprus, with a single sovereignty, single citizenship and single
international personality and with the human rights of all Cypriots,
with no exception whatsoever, guaranteed.
- To support the current popular movement of youth, workers and women
against the theocratic regime and for democratization, human rights and
social justice in Iran.
- To support the recognition of all inalienable rights of the Kurdish
people for autonomy within the framework of the existing state borders.
- To condemn the embargo imposed on the people of Iraq, and that of
American imperialism imposed on Cuba.

The participants, representatives of Communist and Workers’ Parties with
a militant perspective Socialism, having assessed positively the
implementation of the resolutions of their previous meeting, agreed to
the further development of coordination of their efforts and of their
common action, with the continuation of their meetings to conduct
dialogue and exchange information about common problems in the fields of
theory and ideology. There was an extensive debate on the concrete
proposal to establish a Centre for Research on the problems of the
region. The participants stressed the usefulness of this effort, which
could contribute to a better scientific support of their political
actions and projects concerning important social and economic problems
that concern the peoples of the region as a whole.

Athens, January 27, 2002

AKEL, Cyprus
Egyptian Communist Party
Communist Party of Greece
Tudeh Party of Iran
Iraqi Communist Party
Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
Communist Party of Israel
Jordanian Communist Party
Lebanese Communist Party
Palestinian People’s Party
Communist Party of Sudan
Syrian Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party



The representatives of Communist and Workers’ Parties of the Countries
of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, the Gulf Region and the Red
Sea, met in Athens on 26-27 January 2002.

The Participants stressed on the fact that the Israeli occupation is the
source of violence in Palestine and the main hindrance in achieving
security both the Palestinian and Israeli people.

They expressed their concern on the grave situation due to the
unprecedented and accelerating acts of aggression by Israel. An
approximate number of 1.000 martyrs have fallen out of whom 30% are
children, and approximate number of 40.000 have been wounded, out of
whom 2.000 with permanent handicaps. Israel is imposing collective
punishments over people in cities and villages and refugees and camps.

Sharon’s government is working to reoccupy the Palestinian Areas and
destroy both physically and functionally the Palestinian Authority, and
block any future peace negotiations.

The American imperialism has given Israel the green light to launch war
after war of terror attacks against defenseless Palestinian civilians in
an attempt to crush the just struggle against the brutal occupation.

Israel continued using its gigantic military machine to enlarge the
Israeli settlements, uprooting the trees, demolishing houses, killing
children, women, elders and assassinating political leaders and

The participants expressed their condemnation to the Israeli occupation
and aggression, and expressed their solidarity with the just struggle of
the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupying forces and call for
fact finding missions and called on the progressive and peace loving
forces all over the world to intensify their solidarity actions with the
Palestinian people. The participants demand:
1.  The immediate stop of the Israeli aggression and atrocities against
the Palestinian people, and the immediate withdrawal of the occupying
forces from the Palestinian Authority Areas, and the immediate stop of
brutal besiege of President Arafat’s headquarters in Ramalleh.
2.  The UN to take a decision to ensure international protection for the
Palestinian people.
3.  The immediate implementation of the UN resolutions 242,338,425,194
that quarantee the withdrawal of the Israeli occupying troops from all
Palestinian and Arab territories occupied since 1967.
4.  To recognize the legal rights of Palestinian people especially the
right to return to their homeland according to the United Nations
resolutions, and the establishment of the Palestinian sovereign state
with Jerusalem as its capital beside Israel.
5.  Exerting more pressure on Israel and the American Administration to
stop the military escalation and the immediate return to the negotiation
process under the auspices of UN implement the UN resolutions.

Athens, 27th January 2002
Egyptian Communist Party
AKEL, Cyprus
Communist Party of Greece
Jordanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
Iraqi Communist Party
Tudeh Party of Iran
Communist Party of Israel
Lebanese Communist Party
Palestinian People’s Party
Sudanese Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party
Syrian Communist Party


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