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Subject: [Peoples War] Colombia: ELN to Explore Possibility of Cease-fire -

Colombian Government, ELN to Explore Possibility of Cease-fire
Xinhuanet 2002-02-03 16:14:43
   BOGOTA, February 2 (Xinhuanet) -- The Colombian government and the
National Liberation Army (ELN) agreed on Saturday to start
exploring the possibility of a cease-fire immediately, the
Colombian News Agency (Ancol) reported.

   This was the first time that the government's representatives
and the rebel group exchanged views on a cease-fire. They have
decided to submit it for discussion at their next meetings.
   The agreement was reached by "taking into account the will for
peace" shown by the two sides during a crucial three-day summit in
Havana, Cuba.

   A commission was also formed for drafting a schedule for the
cease-fire-oriented discussions and other issues proposed at the
summit. The government will be represented by Gustavo Villegas and
Juan Ricardo Ortega in the commission and the ELN, by Francisco
Galan and Felipe Torres.

   Peace Commissioner Camilo Gomez told Colombia's RCN radio
station that the two sides will meet again from February 25 to 27
in a place yet to be decided, most likely still in Havana.
   "We are going to continue exploring the possibility to reach a
cease-fire and to seek humanitarian agreements that were
recommended at the summit," Gomez said.

   The 4,500-strong ELN is the second largest guerrilla group in
Colombia after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).
The talks between the group and the government were suspended last
August by President Pastrana, who accused the rebels of lacking
the will for peace. Their contacts resumed on November 24.


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