The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 1 February 2002
                          Vol. 6, Number 11 (#646)

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    01) The White Rose
Book/Movie Reviews:
    02) George Monbiot ([London] Guardian), "Both Saviour and Victim: The
        film Black Hawk Down is helping to create a new myth of American
        nationhood, which threatens everyone on earth," 29 Jan 02
News and Commentary on Recent Fascist Actions
    03) David Edwards (via Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission), "Note
        From a Former White Supremist," n.d. (rec'd 29 Jan 02)
    04) Victor Gerhard (Vanguard News Network), "Face to Face in the Streets
        of York"



01) The White Rose

"This site is dedicated to those fallen heroes, who arouse from among their
countrymen to battle right wing tyranny and its triad of support hate,
racism and poverty. They came from all walks of life: farmers, labors,
ministers and students, all had so much to give, all were idealists, and
all were killed for menacing the tyrants grasp on power. For this society
will be forever indebted and grateful to them. The very freedoms that we
enjoy today, only came about through their efforts.

"Today as a nation we face the greatest threats to democracy and freedom
than at anytime in the past, the enemy is not from abroad but the enemy is
from within. They are the extremist and odious members of what passes for
conservatives in today's politics. They have attacked the very foundations
of our government and the institutions that have made it great. We have
yielded far too much ground in the 1980's our future freedoms depend upon
stopping them now, we must fight now."



02) Both Saviour and Victim: The film Black Hawk Down is helping to create
        a new myth of American nationhood, which threatens everyone on earth
     George Monbiot ([London] Guardian)
     29 Jan 02

The more powerful a nation becomes, the more it asserts its victimhood. In
contemporary British eyes, the greatest atrocities of the 18th and 19th
centuries were those perpetrated on compatriots in the Black Hole of
Calcutta or during the Indian mutiny and the siege of Khartoum. The extreme
manifestations of the white man's burden, these events came to symbolise
the barbarism and ingratitude of the savage races the British had sought to
rescue from their darkness.

Today the attack on New York is discussed as if it were the worst thing to
have happened to any nation in recent times. Few would deny that it was a
major atrocity, but we are required to offer the American people a unique
and exclusive sympathy. Now that demand is being extended to earlier
American losses.

Black Hawk Down looks set to become one of the bestselling movies of all
time. Like all the films the British-born director Ridley Scott has made,
it is gripping, intense and beautifully shot. It is also a stunning
misrepresentation of what happened in Somalia.

In 1992 the United States walked into Somalia with good intentions. George
Bush senior announced that America had come to do "God's work" in a nation
devastated by clan warfare and famine. But, as Scott Peterson's firsthand
account Me Against My Brother shows, the mission was doomed by intelligence
failures, partisan deployments and, ultimately, the belief that you can
bomb a nation into peace and prosperity.

Before the US government handed over the administration of Somalia to the
United Nations in 1993, it had already made several fundamental mistakes.
It had backed the clan chiefs Mohamed Farah Aideed and Ali Mahdi against
another warlord, shoring up their power just as it had started to collapse.
It had failed to recognise that the competing clan chiefs were ready to
accept largescale disarmament, if it were carried out impartially. Far from
resolving the conflict between the clans, the US accidentally enhanced it.

After the handover, the UN's Pakistani peacekeepers tried to seize Aideed's
radio station, which was broadcasting anti-UN propaganda. The raid was
bungled, and 25 of the soldiers were killed by Aideed's supporters. A few
days later, Pakistani troops fired on an unarmed crowd, killing women and
children. The United Nations force, commanded by a US admiral, was drawn
into a blood feud with Aideed's militia.

As the feud escalated, US special forces were brought in to deal with the
man now described by American intelligence as "the Hitler of Somalia".
Aideed, who was certainly a ruthless and dangerous man, but also just one
of several clan leaders competing for power in the country, was blamed for
all Somalia's troubles. The UN's peacekeeping mission had been transformed
into a partisan war.

The special forces, over-confident and hopelessly ill-informed, raided, in
quick succession, the headquarters of the UN Development Programme, the
charity World Concern and the offices of Medecins sans Frontieres. They
managed to capture, among scores of innocent civilians and aid workers, the
chief of the UN's police force. But farce was soon repeated as tragedy.
When some of the most senior members of Aideed's clan gathered in a
building in Mogadishu to discuss a peace agreement with the United Nations,
the US forces, misinformed as ever, blew them up, killing 54 people. Thus
they succeeded in making enemies of all the Somalis. The special forces
were harried by gunmen from all sides. In return, US troops in the UN
compound began firing missiles at residential areas.

So the raid on one of Aideed's buildings on October 3rd 1993, which led to
the destruction of two Black Hawk helicopters and the deaths of 18 American
soldiers, was just another round of America's grudge match with the
warlord. The troops who captured Aideed's officials were attacked by
everyone: gunmen came even from the rival militias to avenge the deaths of
the civilians the Americans had killed. The US special forces, with an
understandable but ruthless regard for their own safety, locked Somali
women and children into the house in which they were beseiged.

Ridley Scott says that he came to the project without politics, which is
what people often say when they subscribe to the dominant point of view.
The story he relates (with the help of the US Department of Defense and the
former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff) is the story the American
people need to tell themselves.

The purpose of the raid on October 3rd, Black Hawk Down suggests, was to
prevent Aideed's murderous forces from starving Somalia to death. No hint
is given of the feuding between him and the UN, other than the initial
attack on the Pakistani peacekeepers. There is no recognition that the
worst of the famine had passed, or that the US troops had long ceased to be
part of the solution. The US hostage-taking, even the crucial role played
by Malaysian soldiers in the Rangers' rescue, have been excised from the
record. Instead -- and since September 11th this has become a familiar
theme -- the attempt to capture Aideed's lieutenants was a battle between
good and evil, civilisation and barbarism.

The Somalis in Black Hawk Down speak only to condemn themselves. They
display no emotions other than greed and the lust for blood. Their
appearances are accompanied by sinister Arab techno, while the US forces
are trailed by violins, oboes and vocals inspired by Enya. The American
troops display horrific wounds. They clutch photos of their loved ones and
ask to be remembered to their parents or their children as they die. The
Somalis drop like flies, killed cleanly, dispensable, unmourned.

Some people have compared Black Hawk Down to the British film Zulu. There
is some justice in this comparison, but the Somalis here offer a far more
compelling personification of evil than the blundering, belligerent Zulus.
They are sinister, deceitful and inscrutable; more like the British
caricature of the Chinese during the opium wars.

What we are witnessing in both Black Hawk Down and the current war against
terrorism is the creation of a new myth of nationhood. America is casting
itself simultaneously as the world's saviour and the world's victim; a
sacrificial messiah, on a mission to deliver the world from evil. This myth
contains incalculable dangers for everyone else on earth.

To discharge its sense of unique grievance, the US government has hinted at
what may become an asymmetric world war. It is no coincidence that Somalia
comes close to the top of the list of nations it may be prepared to attack.
This war, if it materialises, will be led not by the generals in their
bunkers, but by the people who construct the story the nation chooses to



03) Note From a Former White Supremist
     David Edwards (via Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission)
     n.d. (rec'd 29 Jan 02)

One thing that they (people who consider debating Matt Hale) need to know,
is that no matter how soundly they thump him, no matter what humiliation or
public disgrace they lay at his feet, they will wound their own
organization and help his.

It is an unwinable situation for them that simply cannot hurt Hale. For him
it is win-win, whatever may come.  Why do you think I was so interested in
it (debating civil rights folks) in my day...nothing like letting your
opponent do your work for you.

Unwinable? Why?  First and foremost, they instantly give him an equal
footing with their civil rights organization.  No one debates a lesser,
only equals debate, and as it is him trying to force the debate, even if
all that he seems to do is force the debate, his organization, becomes the
force, and theirs becomes the defender.  No matter how well they defend
themselves and their organization, they will be perceived not as the under
dog, but as the lesser of the two.

Secondly, the civil rights advocates are stuck trying to affect and swing
the beliefs of any number of peoples...while Hale is focused on one group
of people and one only...that being the White people of course.  He could
care less what Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, etc...think of his showing
except that their disgust, anger and disapproval serve him.  If he can be
shown to have evoked hatred in even one person of color as a result of his
debate, he has an edge from the start with the White people he's trying to
reach.  This is why he wants the debate, for through it he can reach a much
greater part of his target audience than he ever could otherwise.  Also, he
can tailor a message to them which they will understand without his
debaters   having the faintest idea that they've been played.  Hale can
take even what may appear to be a devastating loss and still walk away with
a win in the areas he feels important.

Hale is in the position that any beating only strengthens him...it is lose-
lose for his debaters, and win-win for him. Even if they could pull out
a gun and kill him, his cause would profit...it is simply that clear an
advantage to him.

Thirdly, if the NAACP debates him, this will bring into the minds of all
peoples that the NAACP is a racial organization.  Not racist, necessarily,
but he will try for that, and the difference between what is true and
perceived in such areas is a whisker. The second the NAACP steps up to
debate him, even the most raceless White person will see an "us" against
"them" situation.  They may not admit it even to themselves, but it will be
as clear in their minds as the sun shining at mid-night.   To most Whites,
even many liberals, the NAACP represents "them," a generic "them," that is,
someone other than a very loosely defined "us."  I am a waiter, and have
the chance to listen to the conversations of literally hundreds of people a
week, people of all races, colors and creeds.  As such, I do listen for
such things .

In the end, the only thing Hale has to do to take away a win is to force
his debaters into a position that alienates Whites; and he will accomplish
that the day they agree to debate him.  The debate is White people against
"them" from the minute it begins to the minute it ends, from start to
finish, it will do nothing but polarize society.

Even if the debaters can polarize every other group against him, and be
seen to do so...that is exactly what he wants.  Hale can't recruit without
polarity...that was the only real area in which Mark Thomas massively
failed. He didn't want to risk polarizing society, yet it was the only
thing that could have given him what he wanted. Hale needs
races/colors/creeds to be polarized more than anything else. The only thing
that could in the end hurt him is unity among all races, colors and creeds.

Lastly, and this depends entirely on him.... If he keeps his cool, if he
walks away without losing it, he will be seen as a statesman, a White
statesman, something that many Whites are looking for, someone to protect
them from the imagined ravages of the racial evening to come.  If he keeps
his cool, even losing it here and there in order to show true outrage, but
keeping a general composure, the debaters will have created a national
extremist leader among many White people of this nation, and one who will
be respected, not only by his own people, but by many others...a man who
will make David Duke's actions seem like child's play. This is something
that has been missing from the White right since the sixties, and
considering that his goal is nothing short of race war, genocide and white
supremacy...it is not a risk civil rights workers can afford to take.

   --   Peace,

- - - - -

04) Face to Face in the Streets of York
     Victor Gerhard (Vanguard News Network)

Downtown York, Pennsylvania, was the scene this past Saturday, January 12,
2002, of a wild, chaotic confrontation between approximately 200 members of
various pro-White groups against a disorganized but vicious opposition of
over 300 people representing almost every known variety of social,
pathological and biological deviance.

CNN's hourly television report headlined the event, reporting 25 arrests
and some property damage. Missing from that version was the atmosphere of
menacing violence that was present almost every moment, police mistreatment
of pro-White group members, the bricks and bolts thrown by the opposition,
and the physical confrontations constantly attempted by the opposition
finally culminating in a brief but intense melée. The police presence was
immense, from entire squads of riot troops in many locations, along with
many manned barricades, six horse troopers who had no hesitation in
charging into crowds of people, rooftop observers with binoculars (and
reportedly rifles), a constantly hovering helicopter and all types of
vehicles. Also missing from CNN was the fact that in the face of opposition
from almost every powerful group in America and their gutter armies White
Power triumphed in the streets of York.

It started with a room reservation...

Last year the city of York dredged up some old allegations concerning a
race riot that happened in 1969. Some Whites, including the just-elected
mayor, were charged with crimes in a blatant attempt to seize power by
local leftist pressure groups. Today's racial climate is such that the
results of any trial will be affected mainly by fear of black riots,
terrorism and Jewish media pressure rather than justice.

The genesis of the York assembly was the paid reservation of a room at the
Martin Library in York by World Church of the Creator (WCTC) member Michael
Cook. The room was reserved for WCTC leader Matt Hale to come to York and
give a speech to members. The event quickly got media attention and also
attracted the interest of the rest of the increasingly radical and street-
oriented pro-White movement. Billy Roper of the National Alliance was added
as a scheduled speaker and both the NA and the Eastern Hammerskins were
added as sponsors of the meeting. All three organizations promoted the
event, as did Vanguard News Network. The goal was 80 attendees, which would
fill all seats in the meeting room; the result was 200 pro-White activists
from a wide array of groups.

Besides the WCTC, Eastern Hammerskins and the National Alliance, there were
also unaffiliated Skinheads, other unaffiliated individuals and even
several bikers in attendance.

Disorder begins with police tricks...

The day was incredibly chaotic, but not because of any lack of preparation
by the pro-White groups (Whites). Well before the event there was an
arrangement made for parking to be provided in an enclosed garage. When the
Whites also inquired about hiring security guards to watch their cars the
police told them that the police themselves would watch the cars. The
police also knew the schedule for the day.

Coming into York, bands of black-masked, black-flagged self-styled
anarchists could be seen roaming the back streets and alleys around the
library, looking for trouble.

The first Whites arrived in York to find the parking garage had been
barricaded by the police, forcing them to park in public lots or on the
streets. Several National Alliance members immediately had their cars
attacked and windows broken by the black-masked troublemakers upon their
arrival. The police had also barricaded Martin Street. The police were
stationed in front of the library, and their position was further
barricaded on both sides, which split the street in two. As Whites arrived
for the meeting, the police had effectively already split them into two
groups, allowing no one to walk across the police position. Dividing the
Whites would be the police strategy the entire afternoon. The meeting was
scheduled to start at 12:00 noon, and there were FOUR entrances set up,
dividing members into four widely-separate groups. If they did not get on
four separate lines it would enable the expected anti-White forces to crowd
into the meeting.

So the four entrances did a lot to create the initial confusion, with
Whites not sure of the number of their members getting into the meeting.
Another devious police tactic was to try and stop anyone from bringing a
cell phone into the library, to prevent communication with members outside.
Further, the police diabolically barred National Alliance leader Billy
Roper from entering, telling him first he was not on the list to be allowed
in, then saying they would allow him to enter last, then finally saying the
room was full and he could not enter. However, the police were suddenly
faced with a problem. About 80 Whites had made it inside, but there was now
a combined group of about 70 Whites still on Martin Street, with no
intention of leaving. About 50 counter-demonstrators (CDs) were across the
street on the other side of a line of cops in riot gear.

Soon a cop with the grandiose title of Community Relations Officer came
sliding up to Roper. All cleverness, this guy told Roper that Roper would
be allowed into the meeting if he ordered all the other Whites to leave.
The police had deliberately denied a Roper access to the library so they
could be use this trick to get rid of the Whites. The officer oozed about
how he had gone to great lengths to arrange this wonderful deal and how
Roper now owed him his cooperation. All this would be unconstitutional if
done to a Jew-backed group but there are apparently no rules for police
anymore where Whites are concerned. One White loudly said that Roper should
go back to the cop and tell him either he got in or the Whites would wreck
the city. Of course, there was a news camera a few feet away (apparently I
got a little excited). To his credit, Roper refused the Hobson's choice and
stayed outside.

Many of the rank-and-file cops appeared far more sympathetic to our cause
than their bosses who were calling the shots.

Counter-demonstrators at library...

Across the street the CDs appeared to be the usual combination of Jews,
wiggers and blacks -- with a contingent of preaching Christians for a
refreshing change of pace. The black-masked anarchists were missing
however. At one point the Christians made a human chain down the street,
symbolizing a bunch of people holding hands. One Christian really got
going, preaching to the Whites that they were violating God's word. The
Christians believed their act would somehow be new to the Whites instead of
the stale, decades-old flea circus that it was. One White yelled out to the
preacher, "We know Adam and Eve were White; ever try to take a rib from a

Some of the Christians and ARA-type punks came across the street and
started talking to the Whites, believing they could say something that 40
years of Jew propaganda had missed. One blonde, blue-eyed girl was
especially naÏve. When she tried to tell Whites how there was only one race
- the human race, she was told, amongst other things, that every single one
of her ancestors had been a racist, marrying only Whites. She made a frowny
face, apparently wishing there was a monkey somewhere in her family tree.
It must be tough to be the poster girl for everything you claim to despise.

Of course no pro-White people were allowed to cross over to the other side
of the street. One man, who could be called a nigger but that would be a
step up, stood so blatantly in the midst of the activists that he was
mistaken for a plainclothes cop. He finally showed his true colors when
something happened to switch him to violence mode, possibly a falling leaf.
He began pointing to one skinhead, saying that the skinhead would be the
first to go down if fighting broke out. He then walked away, but not before
blowing a kiss at his target. This is modern black behavior, based on their
sacred communal passage-to-manhood ceremony, that is, a prison term.
Violence is their answer t o every problem they face and they now follow up
prison violence with the rape of their victim. Ah, the noble savage.

Blackhawk down...

There were 80 Whites in the library and about 70 out front; suddenly Roper
was informed that a group of about 50 skinheads was surrounded and possibly
in trouble a few blocks away, on the other side of the library. After a
brief discussion, the Whites circled the wagons and all 70 set out toward
Queen Street, the police shadowing every move. The situation would soon
closely resemble the scenes in Mark Bowen's book on the Battle of Mogadishu
- Blackhawk Down.

Cutting up Mason Alley the Whites could see in the distance what appeared
to be Africa. Apparently what had happened was that the counter-event the
anti-White groups were holding at the Crispus Attucks center had ended and
a massive mob of blacks had left the center and run into the skinheads who
were waiting at one of the library entrances. The black-masked anarchists
had congregated there as well, having scuffled with the skinheads as the
skinheads marched from the parking lot to the library back entrance. The
skinheads were in a tight group, with five large flags flying, including
the Nazi Battle Flag. Across the street the blacks were acting like, well,
blacks - hooting, hollering and gesturing. There was a huge police
presence, with six horsemen and many cops in riot gear down the middle of
the street. Cops were on the highest rooftops also, in sniper position,
watching with binoculars. A helicopter hovered overhead.

As the 70 activists started to come out of the alley onto Queen Street to
join up with the skinheads, the police cut them off with shields and
horses. Trapped half in and half out of the alley the Whites were in a
precarious position. The cops were preventing any movement and any link up
with the 50 skinheads, while the black-masked anarchists and blacks were
coming in closer and closer. Many CDs circled some buildings and came up
behind the Whites in the alley. Only a few feet from the Whites on the
corner anarchists were yelling threats and pushing the police line back.
Bricks, bolts, golf balls and other projectiles started to sail over the
cops and fall onto the Whites. The cops stopping the Whites from moving
were asked where the Whites were expected to go. There was no answer. The
cops were holding the Whites in place for the mob to attack as two separate
groups. While the Whites were making no attempts to break through the
police lines, there soon would be no option.

One pregnant White woman told the police that they should arrest the people
throwing bricks. If you didn't want trouble, you shouldn't have come,
sneered the cop.

Finally, several people told the cops that either they let all the Whites
join up on Queen Street or a riot was clearly going to break out. The cops
relented and the 70 Whites from the library finally linked up with the 50
flag-waving skinheads, securing one side of Queen Street with enough force
to discourage any attacks by the blacks and anarchists besides projectiles.
It was at this point that the cops started arresting the throwers, hauling
them away even as their masked comrades tried to unarrest them by jumping
the cops. The anarchists publicize this unarrest method on their websites -
  this is the reason they dress alike - so the escaping arrestee can blend
into their crowd. For some reason, these websites have never been banned.

As the black-masked anarchists backed away, the Whites started chanting,
take off the masks, take off the masks. A few abashed Marxists did just
that. For a few seconds the Whites could only stare in shock, the true
reason for the masks finally revealed. In desperation a chant began, put on
the masks, put on the masks. All present vowed never to make the same
mistake again.

Of course it was an amazing coincidence that the counter-event took place
at the Crispus Attucks Center. As you know, Attucks was the first black in
North America to be killed while rioting. As historians have documented
Attucks was shot by Redcoats while looting Ye Olde Food Shoppe, a fried
chicken in one hand and a bottle of ale in the other. He has become the
black Patron Saint of Rioting and was awarded an entire day of Kwanzaa in
memory of his groundbreaking law breaking.

Battle in the alley...

The Whites held this position for about half an hour. Then, communicating
by cell phone with the Whites in the library, they heard the meeting was
about to end. The cops had announced that the people in the meeting would
be allowed out only four at a time onto Martin Street, the better for them
to be massacred. Therefore it was decided that some Whites would proceed
back to the library to stand guard as the Whites exited the library, while
those whose cars were parked in the lot bordering the middle of Mason Alley
would take the opportunity to get their cars out while they still could.

The minute the Whites began to move back down the alley the CD scum
exploded. The blacks started to close in, and in the background one could
see black flags flying as the anarchists ran to circle around some
buildings and try their standard attack against the side of the White line.
About a quarter of the White marchers were in the alley, and some police,
when the anarchists charged across a lawn straight at the Whites. Seeing
the anarchists start to charge, the skinheads present burst ahead to smash
them. In a violent clash lasting only a few seconds the anarchists were
beaten and thrown back. More cops ran down the alley and waded into the
melée. The sound of wooden batons crashing down on the backs and sides of
the anarchists could be heard 50 feet away. The horsemen rode into the mix
and just like that the conflict was over. All the CDs of every type melted
away. It should be noted that the cops quite properly concentrated their
batons on the anarchists.

One skinhead had been hit hard in the head with a thrown brick and was
bleeding. He quickly shook it off. There were several other minor injuries.

Final rumbles...

About 30 Whites went back to the library, and after some jerking around by
the cops, finally were allowed near the door where the people who heard
Matt Hale speak would come out. These Whites all trickled out and most then
headed off together towards the parking areas. A number of cars had been
vandalized, with windows broken and paint scratched.

White activist Rick Desper wasn't so lucky. When he tried to get out of
range of a bunch of anarchists, they blocked his car in, breaking windows
and spraying in mace. The anarchists attempted to climb in his car through
the broken windows and Desper's nose was broken in the incident. The police
arrested Desper, alleging he hit the anarchists with his car. He has been
charged with FOUR felony assaults, including one against a policeman who
also claimed to be hit. His bail was set at $25,000. But his comrades
passed the hat and collected the necessary non-refundable 5% to bail him
out. Please contribute to his legal defense by PayPal at www.tightrope.cc,
or mail payments of cash, check or money-order made out to Rick Desper to
Victor Gerhard, P.O. Box 350, Hillsboro, WV 24946. Send as much as you can
- we have to prevent this extreme miscarriage of justice.


Besides CNN the event was also in the L.A. Times and in Monday's USA Today.
Of course the USA Today photo used was one that made it appear Whites
attacked the anarchists. Out of 25 people arrested only two were Whites.

As a strange aside, the anarchists attacked two men who just happened to be
driving through downtown York, smashing their windshield and injuring one
man. Apparently one of the men was bald and that was close enough to a
skinhead for the black dirt.

Pro-government anarchists...

At one point in the afternoon, one of the so-called anarchists yelled at
the White ranks, "You're puppets!" Really an amazing claim by what must be
a college freshman majoring in political science. His Jew professors must
have told him that Whites represent the System, and therefore pro-White
demonstrators have been fooled by Establishment propaganda. Never having
heard any other explanation of power politics, he believed it without
question. Calling yourself an anarchist is apparently the cool thing to do
in college these days; and black is so chic. Of course, these people don't
know what anarchism means. Anarchists, according to my political science
dictionary (and gee whiz, my political science degree), are those who
protest against the rule of the State. They believe society would be better
ordered by people controlling themselves; hence they tend to advocate the
superiority of a community or group over the State. Anti-racism has no part
in the history of anarchism; in fact Whites' desire to live separate and
apart from other groups hardly seems to violate anarchist theory.

In contrast, our little black-masked friends are doing exactly what every
powerful group in the country, including the Federal Government, wants them
to do. The addresses of the arrested people show these anarchists are a
bunch of spoiled suburban kids, still living at home, rather than the
working-class Ninjas they imagine themselves to be. These weak, gutless
cowards choose to go after the one group in America that they can attack
without reprisal of any sort - pro-White activists. Action against
absolutely any other group would result in their immediate and prolonged
imprisonment. As the Federal Government today seizes vast and illegal
powers that will be used to crush any opposition to its rule, these
anarchists choose to attack small groups of Whites who are protesting
against the government! Fools, cowards, and black-masked clowns; you are
the true puppets of the Ruling Elite.

White Power!

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    We have no ethical right to forgive, no historical right to forget.
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