> > 1) kf5 branch contains some commits which have open issues on
> > reviewboard, namely:
> >
> > https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/124305/
> > https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/124181/
> > https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/124349/
> >

I will look into these changes and fix whatever necessary

> > 2) kf5 branch contains modification of source code of external
> > bundled libiris library in kopete/protocols/jabber/libiris/. See
> > also file: protocols/jabber/libiris/README_BEFORE_COMMITTING
> >
> > $ git diff origin/master..origin/kf5 -- protocols/jabber/libiris/
> >
> > Due to synchronization with upstream, we either need to drop these
> > changes or send them to upstream.

These changes can be dropped and most of the changes are of using nullptr
instead of 0. I will look into this more and give an update to what will be
affected if it is dropped.

> And 3)
> I'm not sure if commit cb97ce4e61baa44d9f401b8853982355ef6e684f
> (Gentle quitting Kopete application) is correct.
> It just looks like a workaround some bug in system try area.

This commit looks okay to me as nothing much is changed in terms of
behavior. In this commit an attempt to close all the windows is made when
we are able to close all window other wise return from the function. In
normal conditions returning in the middle of for loop does not cause any
problem but I will try to verify the same for the application.
I have linked it below to make sure if this is the same commit we are
talking about.
Link :

Vijay Krishnavanshi

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