> > This commit looks okay to me as nothing much is changed in terms of
> > behavior. In this commit an attempt to close all the windows is made
> > when we are able to close all window other wise return from the
> > function. In normal conditions returning in the middle of for loop
> > does not cause any problem but I will try to verify the same for the
> > application. I have linked it below to make sure if this is the same
> > commit we are talking about.
> > Link :
> > https://cgit.kde.org/kopete.git/commit/?h=kf5&id=cb97ce4e61baa44d9f40
> > 1b8853982355ef6e684f
> Previous behaviour is to stay kopete running in systray even last
> windows is closed. And above commit change behavior from
> setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(false) to setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(true)
> which means that Kopete is no longer running in systray after closing
> last window.

Yes, now I see, I will make a patch undoing that particular line.

Vijay Krishnavanshi

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