I've been flying the IFLY navigation software on my IFly 720 for several years now and love it. I've been wanting to move to a larger screen for wider area coverage, especially now that I have in flight weather and traffic with the ADS-B Stratux-flightbox that I purchased at Oshkosh on their $150 special. Now they also have a $20 add on to a VFR subscription that allows you to run their software on 4 devices. I checked around and found a 10.1 inch Android tablet at Best Buy for $69. ( must have been on sale. It is now $99) It's a bit large for the KR cockpit but I like it so well I'll make it work. It is quite bright in all but direct sunlight. It has built in WIFI / GPS / Bluetooth so it is wireless between the ADS-B and the tablet.

Anyone looking for a "cheap" naviation setup, a cheap Android tablet, an $89 subscription, and a $150 dual band ADS-B kit will put you in the pilot seat. IFLY is selling the dual band ADS-B unit fully assembled and ready to plug and play for $200. You could have a backup using your smart phone for no extra cost.

I think I'm going to like this setup as well as my fully pneumatic tail wheel. :-)

Larry Flesner

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