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You want to be a little bit careful about buying a no-name or an off brand device thinking you will run the iFly software on it. My first Android was purchased 3 years ago specifically for that purpose. When I loaded the iFly software on it, I found that the screen mapping was totally hosed and unusable. iFly said that if there were a bunch of them out there and I could send them one to test with, they would make an attempt to patch their software to deal with the display driver for the unit, but for a cheap one off, I'd do better to buy a used name brand unit as you are guaranteed their software will work on a name brand unit. -Jeff Scott Los Alamos, NM
Jeff's advice something to consider, However --

The unit I purchased runs the IFLY software without a single hick up. I've been running it for days now on the ground and took a flight to test it in the air this afternoon. It actually loads the IFLY software at startup faster than my 720 and the touch screen performs better than my 720. I like running the software better on the tablet than on the 720. For example, I can zoom out or in with a "swipe squeeze or spread" instead of the + /- buttons and the touch screen seems to be more accurate and responsive then the 720. If you already have a tablet, use their 30 day free trial to see how it works on your device.

As always, YRMV...............

Larry Flesner

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