After several months (actually since late January) I flew N886MJ again today. 
The new owner who lives near me had been doing several modifications such as 
installing dual controls, adding a gascolator, installed a right left fuel 
selector as in a Cessna, new brake masters and rebuilt front axle and bearings 
and changed the fuel pumps to a parallel set up and some non mechanical 
changes.  Anyway, it was a great feeling to fly N886MJ again. Everything the 
new owner did checked out good. The only problem was that on landing the front 
wheel shimmied which it had never done before. We will be taking the assembly 
apart and going through it to look for wear, etc. Any ideas would be helpful. 
Like I said the previous 643 landings never even produced a hint of a shimmy.

Mark Jones (N886MJ)
Oldsmar, FL

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