Yours would not be the first KR to shed an aileron weight at speed.  We've seen 
that before at the KR Gathering in Red Oak back in 2003.  The Aluminum angle 
typically used to mount the aileron counterweight is subject to fatigue, and 
can fail at the bend causing it to drop the counterweight.  Just missing the 
counterweight at speed can be enough to cause the aileron to go into flutter.  
Your witness seems to confirm what I suspected when I first read this account; 
that the counterweight mount may have failed dropping the counterweight and 
inducing aileron flutter.  It was recommended at the time to consider either 
replacing the aluminum angle with a 4130 steel angle bracket, or find a way to 
stiffen or brace the aluminum mount to prevent fatigue of the aluminum angle.

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

Cc: "robert gill" <>
Subject: Re: KR> KRnet Digest, Vol 6, Issue 12
Robert Gill

 but a witness has told me the saw something small fall off the plane just 
before it happened traveling at the same speed, can only assume it was the mass 
balance as one is missing (from the still attached aileron).

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