Granted, all I'm interested in is a bed and a hot shower when it comes to
motels (and a non-smoking room), but every time I've been to Mt. Vernon
I've stayed in the same one.  It's next to a cemetery and is just one of
several chain motels down where the freeway interesects the road into
town - on the other side of "town" from the airport.  Motels are
inexpensive.  Rental car is inexpensive.  Mt. Vernon is one place you
don't have to worry about having to cut expenses on accomodation or
rental cars.  All the motels down at the freeway intersection are
inexpensive.  $35 - $40/night.   And if you book your car using Kayak or
something similar you can get great deals on a rental.   Do some
shopping.   When you leave you can leave it at the FBO.  Fill it up so
you don't get charged for gas.  

I think the hangar has a shower and some buys camp out in the hangar,
saving the drive to the motel and back and forth, but it's great to have
a car and poke around the countryside a little.  Mt. Verson has a
courhouse in which Abraham Lincoln served as an attorney if I've got that
story straight.  I'm a history bug and love to prowl around.


We Say GoodBye To Sally Fields

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