<My one concern on the flight is the cold engine temps.  The thing is I don't 
recall seeing this in the past winter 
flying before the engine rebuild.  It always ran cooler but I don't 
recall it ever running that cold.> 

Worn piston rings will allow larger amounts of combustion blow by gases to 
escape past the rings.   When large amounts of HOT blow by gases are introduced 
 into the crankcase, the oil temperature is going to rise.    You must have 
build a super efficient cooling system to deal with that excessive blow by/ oil 
temps in the used O-200 you installed in your KR.   Now with your freshly 
rebuilt engine, that blow by has been minimized, resulting in lower oil temps.  
And in your case, to low of oil temps in the winter time.

Brant Hollensbe

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