On 2/6/2018 2:42 PM, Raymond Fuenzalida via KRnet wrote:
Hello All,
Am looking for a prop for an O-200 engine.

Also, Jeff and Larry, you both have prop extensions on your O-200's.  Why?
Do I need one as well?  If so, anybody got one of those they don't need as

I'm running a Sterba 60x68, supposedly re-pitched to  64.  Wish I'd left it at 68P but I'm only pulling 2800rpm, max cruise and couldn't really tell the difference between the two pitches.

My prop extension is a Woofter / Saber (name is now just Woofter (sp) 5 inch extension.  A prop extension will put the prop further out front of the cowl and should make it more efficient.  I assumed if the racer they did climb record attempts / racing could use a 13 inch extension that a 5 inch should not be a problem.  When I ordered mine I asked for a 4 inch but they had a 5 inch on the shelf for the same price.  That was a no brainier.  It also gives my KR a shark nose appearance.  If it's in the budget I'd go with an extension.  The Woofter (sp)  extension is a work of art.  Not a sharp radius anywhere to prevent cracks.  Even the inside dimension changes are something to admire.  The drive lug holes are very snug to the point of using a rubber hammer (lightly) to remove.

Larry Flesner

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