Subject: Re: KR> prop extension correction
> Also, Jeff and Larry, you both have prop extensions on your O-200's. Why?
> Do I need one as well? If so, anybody got one of those they don't need as
> well?
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Correction:The company is now called Saber Manuf.  -


Larry and I used the base cowling from the same Diehl mold, which has a nice 
taper from the nose back to the front of the engine.  The prop extension was 
necessary to get the prop flange out in front of the cowling.  The prop 
extension does add some additional stress to the front of the engine, but the 
O-200 has a 4" wide front bearing to deal with those stresses.  Some of the 
formula races use prop extensions as long as 18", which puts a tremendous 
amount of stress on those cranks while turning them at 4000 rpm, but those guys 
also balance everything down to a gnats arse as well.  But prop extensions up 
to 6" are pretty much a non-issue for any aircraft engine.  Saber manufacturing 
is about the only extension manufacturer out there anymore.  As Larry says, 
they are a work of art, and not inexpensive to buy.  

Saber is also a great place to buy your prop bolts as well as crush plates. 

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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