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Vacuum source in the Revmaster engine 

I am flying the Revmaster, but I do not use a vacuum drive instrument. I do 
have a Dynon D6. A good solution for sure. Like John mentioned, check for room 
before you install, mine is tight but worked out.


Rob Schmitt 
KR2S N1852Z

> On May 25, 2018, at 2:56 PM, John Bouyea via KRnet <> 
> wrote:
> Hi Luis.
> I wanted more than needle, ball and airspeed too. I went with a Dynon D6 in
> N5391M. For me, it was easier and less expensive than a vacuum source.
> One thing to be aware of is the required depth of that device. Be sure you
> have enough room forward of your panel to mount it.
> Other instruments are available with less depth requirement and provide the
> gyro functions. The Dynon offers AOA capability in the same device and that
> is something I wanted.
> Check EBay as I found both of mine there at very substantial discounts. If
> required, you can do the software updates easily.
> Good luck!
> John Bouyea
> N5391M/ KR2
> OR81/ Hillsboro, OR
> 2015 KR@MMV Gathering CoHost
> -----Original Message-----
> Subject: KR> Vacuum source in the Revmaster engine
> Those that are flying the Revmaster engine in the KR... what vacuum source
> are you using? In the absence of a doable solution I am thinking of a low
> cost EFIS like the Dynon or something similar. Decision time on
> instrumentation...
> Luis R Claudio, KR2S Dallas, Texas
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