Bob Russell wrote:

>>I am changing the gear on GSJS to fixed and I have my castings to fasten to the spar. I am just not sure of the proper placement and the archives appear to be having a problem. Can someone tell me how far inboard from the stub wing tip they should be? <<

I believe N891JF was built per the plans, with gear leg castings as close as possible to the fuselage. This yielded an airplane that just barely fits into the back of a typical U-Haul truck....a consideration that can be very important if (when) you need to take advantage of it!

N56ML's castings were located considerably further out the spar to give it a wider stance, but it always craps out near home, so I just replace the tailwheel with a trailer hitch and tow it home on its wheels, which can be very convenient. Not sure how that would work towing a thousand miles though!

Mark Langford

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