Paul Visk wrote:

> Another thing I'm worrying about being that the gear mounts or so far out from center is that on a hard landing the center spar would snap in half. <

I can answer that one for you. I broke the fiberglass gear leg off clean when I had to put N56ML into a pasture, and the spar never noticed. I'm pretty sure that same concern is what the "locate as close as possible to the fuselage" instruction is aimed at. But if you saw the spar test that we had at the Gathering about ten years ago, you would have no fears of the main spar snapping. The force of the crash would certainly kill you by itself, if the impact was hard enough to break the spar. To my knowledge, nobody has managed to break a main spar yet, even in a serious crash, and certainly not in anything that resembles a controlled landing. I've seen WAFs tear out of the spar, and a broken outer spar, but the plane was in a million pieces too.

Mark Langford

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