James McGauhey wrote:

> Consider gaffer's tape.  It's a high quality tape made to stick well, but
> remove without a trace. Looks like duct tape, but much higher quality with
> different stickum.

You must have bought a different kind of gaffer's tape than I did. I bought some from McMaster Carr ("Berry Polyken"), and it's unbelievably sticky, and very hard to tear in half. It has certainly peeled paint for me too. So "your mileage may vary" when it comes to different brands.

One thing to know about removing ANY kind of tape is that there's a method for removing it while stressing the paint minimally, and that's to NOT lift it, but peel it back 180 degrees while pulling it off. Peel the end back with your fingernails to get enough for a finger tab, and then pull it back over itself, down close to the surface that it's stuck to. This minimizes the vertical "pull" on the tape, therefore minimizing accidental paint separation. It makes a pretty big difference.

Mark Langford

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