Owen wrote:

> But really - tape?  Kind of slapdash.  After all your investment who wouldn’t 
> make or buy a decent canopy cover and protect from the heat and UV as well as 
> rain? <

There are several sides to this issue.  The downside of canopy covers is
that they will eventually get dirt in the felt or under the plastic, and
that will scratch your canopy.  They are typically somewhat expensive
(although some good alternatives were mentioned).  And at OSH, nobody
can look at the inside of your plane if it's covered up.  Most of us
keep our planes in hangars except for OSH and the Gathering, so UV
exposure is minimal for us. 

One reason for having a cover though is to eliminate the possibility of
your bubble canopy becoming a magnifying glass and burning holes in your
interior.  Don't laugh...this intense solar beam cauterized a four inch
gash in N56ML's seat, and I've seen it making my dash panel smoke as
well! Something else to worry about...your plane could spontaneously

My 2 cents worth is that I use 3M electrical tape, and it's never pulled
any paint off.  Maybe my paint is stuck on better than some other planes

Mark Langford, Huntsville, AL
ML "at" N56ML.com

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