Not sure if you have worked with VE resin before, but it is already
pretty much water thin.  I can't imagine wanting to thin it any more. 
That is one of the reasons I don't like to work with it unless you are
doing it in a mold because it is so thin it does not do a good job
filling in the holes in the weave of the cloth where a thicker resin
bridges the gaps better.

I also agree with Larry that sloshing sealer is not very good on VE.  I
bought some years ago to slosh a KR tank.  I tried it on the inside of a
part of the tank I cut out which was fairly smooth and it did not stick
well and could easily peel off and get in the fuel system.  Probably
would have been OK if I could have sanded the inside of the tank, but
there was no access.

Brian Kraut

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If I was wanting to "slosh" with vinyl ester how to thin it?

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