If you want to thin vinyl Ester resin or epoxy resin.  You need to use MEK ( 
methyl ethyl ketone). Both Lowe's and Home Depot has and 1 gallon cans.  Ace 
Hardware sells it in 1 quart cans.  MEK is a very good all-around cleaner also. 
 One thing about MEK.  California has determined that it causes cancer. You can 
use the substitute if that's all you can find but it will take longer to cure.  
I had a few pin holes in my wing tank and ended up getting to the outside of 
the leak. I put the tank under a small vacuum and sucked the resin in from the 
outside and then flux the outside. 

Paul ViskBelleville Il.618-406-4705
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Not sure if you have worked with VE resin before, but it is already
pretty much water thin.  I can't imagine wanting to thin it any more. 
That is one of the reasons I don't like to work with it unless you are
doing it in a mold because it is so thin it does not do a good job
filling in the holes in the weave of the cloth where a thicker resin
bridges the gaps better.

If I was wanting to "slosh" with vinyl ester how to thin it?

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