I also agree with Larry that sloshing sealer is not very good on VE. I
bought some years ago to slosh a KR tank. I tried it on the inside of a
part of the tank I cut out which was fairly smooth and it did not stick
well and could easily peel off and get in the fuel system. Probably
would have been OK if I could have sanded the inside of the tank, but
there was no access.

Brian Kraut


I hear people talking about the horrors of slosh compound every time it's 
mentioned.  However, if the tank is cleaned and prepped properly, and the 
compound is given enough time to cure properly, it's really a non-issue.

I sloshed all 3 tanks on my KR 22 years ago during construction.  They were 
clean and had plenty of cure time before I put fuel in them.  I've been flying 
this plane for 21 years now and have never seen any issues with the slosh 
compound in the tanks.  I have never had any flakes, sheets or any other debris 
in the tanks from the sealer.  If I remember correctly, I think David "Zipper" 
also sloshed the tanks on his plane and has a number of years age on that plane 
as well.

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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