A number of small Continentals were used as ground power units and pump motors 
for refueling trucks for the military.  Some have some strange configurations 
with the exhaust or intakes on top.  Others have one drive lug slightly offset 
to differentiate from aircraft crankshafts.  Others are hard to distinguish 
from any other small Continental, although if I am not mistaken, they typically 
had a bed type mount rather than 4 real mount bosses like the aircraft engines. 
 A lot depends on what was done when it was converted to an aircraft engine.
-Jeff Scott

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What's an O-200G? I'm not familiar with that variant.


On 8/23/2018 10:17 AM, Paul Conley via KRnet wrote:
> Sry for not proof checking previous mail....
> $4,500... signed off in 84. Taildragger, C 0-200G, not flown in 10 years. 
> Fires up every couple months, needs new prop, (weatherd) Nice bird with some 
> tic. In Lost Creek WVa.
> Paul.
> 304-695-9302


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