Terry wrote:

>>Does anyone know if Great Plains Aircraft is still around? Issues? I’ve ordered a few things from them about two weeks ago ( online ) with no response. Tried calling them to order but no response. Email with no response. Voice mail says “Don’t leave message, call when open”. No luck on all accounts. What gives?<<

Marty sold GPASC to two A&Ps in Wichita, because he was buried with orders and he and his wife were constantly behind the curve trying to keep up. I called the A&Ps and asked about an exhaust system, and they said they didn't keep any around, but had the weld fixtures and could make me one in 4-6 weeks. That's when I whipped one up myself, although it did take a solid week of spare time welding (at my rate) to finish it. Engine mounts are made to order also, as I recall. Even though the website remained the same (with different phone numbers and addresses), there was probably enough confusion from customers, delays in setting up new fabricators, and "behind the curve" on the GPASC side to impact sales.

I was offered the company by Steve before Marty, and I passed. I already have a decent job, which I'm hoping to retire from soon. Last thing I need is to be buried in the VW engine world....something I barely believe in anyway.

Mark Langford

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