Mike Taglieri wrote:

> This is extremely distressing if it ultimately collapses.  I just took
> delivery of a stock VW engine that seems to be all there and has a few
> accessories (including some by Great Plains).  But I want to add 1835 jugs
> and a Force One prop hub, and as far as I know at least the latter is made
> by GPASC and nobody else.

Revmaster makes a similar hub, and I assume would also bore a stock
crankcase to accept it.  I like the Revmaster hub better anyway, as it
uses a larger diameter retaining bolt and left hand threads to retain
their hub to the crank. Having had mine unscrew itself on first startup
of the engine, this matters. And yes, it was properly torqued, but
apparently still not well mated to the taper.  So the crank needs to be
drilled and tapped as well.  Revmaster's crank is likely something other
than stock front journal length and diameter, as is the GPASC, so you
probably need a new crank as well.  I'm not very familiar with the
Revmaster setup, as I've never had one apart, but I am familiar with the
Force One Hub setup.  I'm sure if you'll call GPASC, they'll fix you up
with the same treatment for the Force One if that's what you want to do,
but I'd agree that their future may be iffy at this point.  Either way,
I think you'll need a new crank, so you might as well go all the way and
make it a stroker and go 2180cc while you're at it.  Or just bolt on the
"stock crank" hub, and live with 1835cc.  If you are using a stock
crank, make dang sure it hasn't been reground with sharp fillet radii. 
If you need more on that, see http://www.n56ml.com/corvair/break3/ .

Mark Langford, Huntsville, AL
ML "at" N56ML.com

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