I wrote:

> Or just bolt on the
> "stock crank" hub, and live with 1835cc.  If you are using a stock
> crank, make dang sure it hasn't been reground with sharp fillet radii. 
> If you need more on that, see http://www.n56ml.com/corvair/break3/  

And to follow up on that last sentence, the crank you got with your
project may be suspect, especially if it's a cheap cast crank, or a
reground stocker.  If you've ever seen a 4340 Scat crank (which is the
basis for the GPASC, and maybe  the Revmaster), the fillet radii are
very nice, as is the workmanship.  VWs broke a lot of cranks in the
early days, and the Revmaster (who was probably first to do it) and
GPASC hubs, paired with very robust cranks, pretty much put an end to
it.  I'm sure you know all of this....just mentioning it for any of the
newbies on the list.  The Corvair folks have now learned the very same
lesson, and 4340 cranks and a front bearing solution have now pretty
much ended broken cranks on Corvairs as well.

Mark Langford, Huntsville, AL
ML "at" N56ML.com

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