It is a great question.  I my opinion your location is fine. Neutral or slight 
positive is a good thing for takeoffs and landing.  Any negative angle would be 
bad. For weighing the aircraft - the plane should be level. 

With a slight nose up, you will have less pressure on the stick to elevate the 
nose during takeoff.  If it was below level you could have to exert extra 
pressure to get out of the negative angle and could cause a "wheel barrow" 
effect. More force on the main gear is fine, but not the nose gear.

A positive angle is also better for soft field take offs.  Keeping the nose up 
is critical on soft field takeoffs.  A positive angle also helps on landing as 
a positive pitch reduces the potential to "slam down" the nose after landing - 
and put undo force on the nose gear. You should always try to keep the nose up 
on landing anyway, but a positive angle will help. 

Only potential negative is the added drag induced by the slight nose up during 
the take off role.  I don't think 10 mm is going to cause you any significant 
issues.  Neutral would be best for minimal drag. 


Rob Schmitt

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I don't know whether the fuselage will need to be level or not.  For take off, 
I don't think it would be a problem unless the nose is going to stay on the 
ground and cause a shimmy.  However, my bigger concern would be whether you 
will be able to land on the mains and not be bumping the nose gear at the same 
time.  Maybe one of the nosedragger pilots on here can contribute their 
opinion.  Seems to me Rob Scmitt's KR would be a good example of a Stock KR-2S 
nosedragger configuration, so perhaps he can offer a better opinion than me 
based on his experience.  Rob, would it matter on landing if your nose gear was 
an inch taller?  Would that create too much abuse to the nose on landing?  What 
about on takeoff?  Would that keep the nose on the ground too long and 
potentially create a shimmy issue?  I suspect not, but perhaps Rob can give us 
his opinion?

-Jeff Scott
Cherokee Village, AR

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Hi kr family,

Today we did one of the last jobs where we coult have a delay with. We filled 
up the brake system. It was a easy job with no leaks. Great feeling.

Instruments are installed, I have noise from the radio / transponder. Al wiring 
is almost finished. Need to final check the flight contralls and install 
safetywire it.

And install the engine but that is plug and play....

The day of the first flight is close...yesssss


I extended the nose gear 2 inch (50mm) but need only 40mm. So the longaron will 
be a bit out of water level, and I have a bit more prop clearance, but also 
more force to the gear. Should I shorten is waterlevel longerons or schould I 
leave it like this?

Question 2

Needs the longarons water level in the mtow situation or in empty weight 

thanks, stef

Steph and his dad are building the KR-2S see

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